Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cooper's (5th) Avenger's Party!

From the time we started talking to Cooper about his birthday party until the time it actually came down to the wire to plan it, I promise you that he changed his theme about 15 times - haha.  Finally he settled on a super hero/avengers theme.  This was great and so easy because we have so much Avenger's stuff at home!  I ordered these super cute invites from this seller on Etsy.

After we got all of the pool area decorated, we got some pictures with our 5 year old boy!  (LL isn't in any of these pictures because she was at another birthday party for a friend from school).

We all dressed in theme!  Matt's shirt is from Target, Cooper's is one I found at a kid's sale, but mine is from Amazon (here).


We went super simple on the decor and mostly re-used stuff from past parties.  My mom keeps a "party closet" at her house and we store all of the stuff we buy (that can be re-used) there.  Almost everything for this party was pulled from the party closet!

This was the food table (we kept it super simple with hotdogs, chips, and cupcakes).  We have gone all out in other years, but it is just so stressful, and we always have so much extra food.  This was super easy and quick, and almost all of the food was eaten!  Win-win!

The gift/favor table.  For favors, I bought a pack of super-hero masks (link here), and all of the kids seemed to enjoy them!  I know mine have loved the leftover ones that we have at home!

I printed off some pictures of Cooper over the last year and strung them up.  While this was super cute and fun for me to do, hardly anyone actually looked at them - haha.  I don't know if it's something we'll be doing again!

The set up!

In the pool and waiting for friends!

I didn't take a ton of pictures during the party because, honestly, it would just be a ton of pictures of people swimming!  I did take a few, though.

It didn't take long before the boys started throwing the kids - haha.  I am so surprised at how high Clint could throw LL!  She's not super heavy, but she's so long that it's hard to throw her.  He got her up high and she loved it!

Cooper wanted to be thrown - just not as high- haha.
These girls enjoyed the fountain pool!  Much slower paced than the big pool with all the big kids - haha.

Hanging on the sideline and watching the action!

Everyone swam for a little over and hour and then we brought the food out.  Hotdogs and cheetos?  Cooper couldn't be happier.

It's no secret that I love me a cake from Publix and will use just about any excuse I can get to buy one.  However, we decided to keep it more simple (and cheaper) and go with cupcakes from Sam's (that were surprisingly very yummy!).  I just asked them to decorate them in red, blue, and green, and then I put in these cake toppers myself (link here).

No surprise that he wanted a blue cupcake with blue candles to blow out.  :)

Ready for his birthday song!


The messier you are, the better they taste!

Cooper and all of his friends!  (Minus Nora who wasn't feeling the picture opportunity.)

My favorite sister!  She's such a good aunt to drive from Atlanta twice a year for birthday parties!

The Parker's haven't been able to come the last few years, so it was so nice to have everyone here this year!

It takes a special woman to come sit in 100+ degree heat for a kid's birthday party!  I promise you, I will return the favor one day when there are little McIntosh's running around!

Nora is one of Cooper's sweet friends from school.

I hope these boys grow up to be the best of friends just like their Daddies are!

We got home right at bed time, but it seemed cruel to us to make Cooper wait until the morning to play with any of his toys.  We let him and LL stay up an extra 45ish minutes to get some play time in.

 Thank goodness Uncle Bryan and Aunt Roiane pulled through with the "blue ninja turtle".  Right at the last minute, Cooper started asking for this non-stop!

Cooper had a blast at his party, and it was a great way to kick off him turning 5!  

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

20 Questions: Cooper at 5 Years Old

Starting at about 3 years old, I ask both kids the same questions on or around their birthday.  I don't prompt them or help them with their answers, I just write down what they say.  It's so fun to see how their answers do or don't change every year.  Here are Cooper's answers a few days after he turned 5:

1-What is your favorite color?  Blue

2-What is your favorite toy?  The monster truck

3-What is your favorite fruit?  Strawberries

4-What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?  Moana

5-What do you like to eat for lunch?  Spaghetti

6-What is your favorite thing to wear?  My Lightening and Mater shirt (he doesn't even have one of these - haha)

7-What is your favorite game?  PJ Masks

8-What is your favorite snack?  Fruit

9-What is your favorite animal?  Giraffe

10-What is your favorite song?  Twinkle Twinkle

11-What is your favorite book?  The choo-choo train book

12-Who is your best friend?  Malaya

13-What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play in the pool

14-What is your favorite drink?  Juice

15-What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

16-What do you like to sleep with at night? My ninja turtle and my Spider Man

17-What do you like to eat for dinner? Rice

18-What do you want to be when you grow up? A Chef (and then he said "but I'm already growed up!")

19-Who do you want to marry when you grow up? Mommy

20-What is your favorite thing about being 5? Being a chef

You can look back at Cooper's answers last year here:
Cooper at 4 years old

You can see LL's answers at 5 years old here:
LL at 5 years old


Monday, June 26, 2017

Cooper's 5th Year

Our sweet Coop-man just turned FIVE yesterday!  To celebrate, here's a look back at some of the highlights of his fifth year:

His fifth year officially began when he turned 4!  We celebrated with a shark themed birthday party!


He had his 4 year old check-up in July.  Same as usual - super healthy and super big.  :)

One of Cooper's favorite fruits is blueberries, so we went to a local farm to pick some fresh ones ourselves!

He always loves celebrating the 4th of July - yummy food, staying up late, and fireworks are all right up his alley!

One of Cooper's favorite summer activities is our annual visit to the firestation!

He had lots of silly fun on our beach trip to Panama City with Uncle Gino, Aunt Laura, and Ben!

He started his second year of pre-k in the 3 year old class!

Random Saturday mornings at Lowe's building things is for sure one of his favorite things!

Even though school was in, we tried to squeeze every last drop out of summer that we could.

We took our annual trip to Kid's Dig It with Aunt Laura and Ben.

 We all had a blast on our trip to the pumpkin patch!

He and I had a fun mommy-son date night hosted by Chik-Fil-A!

Halloween as a pirate with all of our friends was a BLAST!

 He had fun on his first school field-trip to Raisin' Cane!

 Cooper was such a cute little turkey at his Thanksgiving Feast at school!

He officially reached "big boy" status and got to go hunting with Daddy!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Grammy and Pop this year.

We all love going to pick out our Christmas tree!

Cooper was the cutest little sheep at his Christmas performance!

Cooper got to see "snow" for the first time when we went to Atlanta and visited Snow Mountain!

We packed in so much fun in all of our Christmas activities!

 He and LL both were growing like weeds, so we spent a Saturday morning taking some fun pictures.

After some pretty scary weather/tornados, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons and play outside in all of the (huge) puddles in our yard!

While LL spent the night away, we had a "fun Cooper night"!

 We had our annual dinner-date with Gigi while LL and Daddy were at the Father/Daughter Dance.

Cooper had a blast hanging out "in the country" with Daddy and Aspyn and getting all dirty!

He was a little heartbreaker at Valentine's Day!

He was extra adorable for school one day when he asked to dress up like "Dr. Ken".

He had fun at his school's Bunny Hop!

This is how we all felt when he got strep-throat for the 3rd time since starting school in August.

He was a pro at picking strawberries at the strawberry patch!

Who doesn't love "Wacky Day" at school?

 He started his second year of t-ball!

He loved the warmer weather and playing outside at Grammy and Pop's after school!

Daddy went with him to his class Easter party!

He was as handsome as can be on Easter.

He was loving tball season!

We all loved spending a Saturday out at the pond.

Tball ended and he had a great season!

He was as happy as can be on our family trip to Destin!

He had fun on our trip to Callaway Gardens with Grammy and Pop!

Summer time is for sure Cooper's favorite - especially when we can spend so much time with friends!

Cooper has grown so much this year, and it really was such a great year for him!  I can't wait to see what his 6th year has in store for our awesome boy!