Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cooper's First Day of Pre-K 3!

Cooper had his first day of pre-k 3 a little over a week after LL and I started school.  Since our school was already in, this left Daddy to handle Cooper's first day of school!  Thankfully, Matt is great at understanding my need for pictures and consistancy.  ;)  Here are Cooper's first day pictures:

I don't know what was up with the "bulldog" smile this morning, but he still looks so adorable anyway!

He looks so big!  And so stinkin' cute.

Cooper's classroom theme is "fruit of the spirit", and each kid got assigned their own fruit for the year.  Cooper is a coconut (soooo fitting - haha), so he found his mat the first day and sat down to "read" while they waited for all the kids.

Cora was in Cooper's class last year, and we're so happy they're together again this year!  (Even if she doesn't look so pumped - haha).

When Grammy picked him up from his first day, they said that he did GREAT!  What's cute is that this is the exact same craft that LL did so long ago on her first day of pre-k 3.  :)

You know I love a good comparison!  
1 year apart!

We absolutely adore Cooper's preschool, and can't wait for the great year ahead!


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