Thursday, June 1, 2017

Destin - Day 3 & 4

Before we left for Destin, the weather was calling for rain every day.  We lucked out and only had rain while we were sleeping!  On our last full day, we had our prettiest day yet full of blue skies and sunshine!  The time change really messed with Cooper the night before, and he ended up waking up at 4 am beach time (5 am home time) - ugh!  No fun for anyone!  Matt traded places with him, and I laid in bed with Cooper and tried to keep him quiet and maybe get him to go back to sleep (didn't happen!) while Matt and LL slept for about hour and a half or so. 

This morning was a lot harder to occupy the kids in the room, but we ended up keeping them content until we headed to the beach around 9 am.
Ready to play!

Here's a video of them running from the waves.

Her face in this one makes me laugh!

My pretty girl!

Both kids are seriously so happy to just play in the waves and sand for hours!

Here's a video of another favorite thing to do at the beach - let the waves just knock them around.

I love this - big ocean, little kids.

This day was actually our wedding anniversary (13 years together)!  I seriously could not think of a better way to celebrate this life we have built together than on vacation with just our little family.  

Little Cooper feet in the sand.

We tried to get family feet in the sand, but it didn't turn out to well - haha.

If there is anyone who could put up with me (by choice) every day for 13 years, its this amazing man.  Trust me, I can be a handful at times, but he is so patient with me and loves me so hard.

This girl and her 8 year old sass just makes me so happy!  8 years old is a great spot to be in and we are just enjoying her so much right now!  I remember thinking that 6 years old was going to kill me, but 8 years old is making up for it every day!

This almost-5-year-old is just a ball of energy!  He has so many questions about the world around him and just wants to soak it all in.  He literally does not stop moving from the minute he wakes up until the minute we force him to go to sleep.  I am his calm, he is my wild.

This face!

If there's anything that makes me love this man more and more every day, it's watching him be a Daddy to our children.  Man is he good at it.

This just makes me laugh.

If there's one thing that Matt excels in (that I absolutely do not), it is finding creatures for LL to play with.  Today?  Sand fleas.  He described them like a type of shrimp - I stayed away regardless.

Here's a video of LL telling (and showing) me the sand fleas they caught, and here's a video of me trying to convince her to eat one.  :)

Again, we stayed at the beach until a little after lunch, and then we hit up the hotel pool for a little while.

After the pool, we rested in the hotel for a little while and then ordered pizza.  Every beach trip, we try to have a "stay in pizza night".  After dinner, we tried out The Donut Hole (per a ton of recommendations) and went souvenir shopping.  Cooper didn't want a donut, he wanted a rice krispie treat the size of his head!

Before we left for the beach, we told LL that we would let her get an extra special souvenir at the beach because of her report card.  LL ended the year with all A's for quarter 4 AND all A's for her yearly averages.  2nd grade was not easy for LL.  She did a great job, and ended up with great grades, but she had to work for it.  Tears were shed (by her and me!), and we put hours of work at home into her school work and studying - and this girl ended up excelling.  All that to say, LL decided for her "special prize" she wanted a hermit crab (that she named Tamatoa {like from Moana}).

Here's a video of him crawling on her hand.

Our last morning at the beach we decided to go down to the water for about 30 minutes before we packed up to head home.  The weather wasn't looking too great, and we were literally the only ones on the beach.  It was still pretty chilly and very windy, so we didn't get in the water.  The kids still had a great time running around!

Home and happy!

This was a great vacation with our little family and the perfect way to kick off summer!  

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