Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Weekend Recap: Scary Weather Edition

What we thought was going to be another pretty low-key weekend (we loved last weekend!) turned out to be one heck of a roller coaster ride!  Here's what we were up to:

I tried out a new fashion trend on Friday.  No one said I looked stupid (and you know middle schoolers have no problem pointing out things!!), so I guess it was fine.  ;)

Getting to school before the sun comes up.

Cooper and Daddy have a lot more time to kill in the mornings.  Cooper has been loving playdough for the last few months, so he will occupy himself for hours if you give him some!

Casual Friday!

Friday night, Oma and Opa asked if the kids could spend the night so that they could take them to a local pizza/game place.  The kids had a blast!

Matt and I had planned to have a date night since we were kid-free, but thanks to a yucky tummy on my part, we had to edit our plans a little.  Instead, I took a nap while Matt dropped off the kids and picked up take out.  We enjoyed dinner on the couch and watching Bad Moms.

Saturday morning I knew I would need to pick up the kids before nap time because we had some storms headed our way.  I went to get a manicure mid-morning and then got the kids.  By the time nap time was over, the rain had started.

What better thing to do when it's yucky outside than to make cookies??

We spent the evening playing inside, and eating cookies and left-over pizza.  While I was on social media, I literally found the funniest thing ever.  Have you guys seen the video of GW43 trying to put on his poncho at the inauguration?  Best.  Thing.  Ever.

Sunday morning we woke up to some super bad storms.  As in, get up and get in the closet because it's super bad.

Early Saturday morning started round 2 of 3 rounds of a very bad storm.  During round 2, several tornados touched down near us.  One went right through Grammy and Pop's yard and basically destroyed the whole thing.  Thankfully nothing happened to their house!

We got a break mid-morning, but we knew round 3 was coming that afternoon.

Just to be safe, Cooper napped in our closet so that if we went under tornado warning again, we wouldn't have to wake him up and move him.  I hated the weather - I did not hate the snuggles. #hatetheplayernotthegame

After he fell asleep (I may have napped for about 20 minutes too!), I snuck out to get some stuff done.  And by "get stuff done", I really mean eat a snack and read a book - haha.

Matt was holding down the fort with the two dogs and LL.  Three were napping, one was watching a move.  You can guess which.

One of my goals for 2017 is to read a LOT more (and a lot more variety).  On Sunday, I started my 5th book for the year.  I'm about 1/2 way through already and I'm loving it!

Round three of the storms was short but strong.  Our neighbor across the street posted this after it was over.  Gotta have a sense of humor, right??

After we were sure that the storms (and thunder and lightening) were gone, we changed the kids into play clothes and let them go at it!  We literally had lakes all around our yard!  Making lemonade out of lemons, right??

We do not live in the town where I teach - and that town got hit super hard.  An entire moble home park was destroyed - resulting in a lot of deaths and even more people without homes.  This picture that was posted to social media really ripped at my heart.  Adel, GA really needs prayers right now.
{Photo cred: The Milla}

Because of all of the devastation, all of the local schools in our area were cancelled.  While I hated the reason, I'll always take an extra day off of work!  This is how many tornados were confirmed for the lower half of Georgia in a 48 hour period.

Monday morning, we got the kids out of the house and headed to Grammy and Pop's house to help with some clean up.  I'll tell you - it was so much worse than the pictures that she sent me.  They are truly so lucky that their house was not damaged!

What do you do when you're helping at your in-laws and they have no power and it's lunch time??  Selfies and McD's!!

Enough food for 4 adults, 2 kids, and the tree-cutting guy.  Spread kindness, right?

On a completely unrelated note, one of my bff's posted this to facebook.  I knew immediately that they were talking about me!

Even though the storms had passed, today was still a pretty nasty (windy, rainy), cold day.  After naps, we spent time cleaning up, prepping for the week, and playing!  Cooper got this fun Paw Patrol car rug for Christmas, so we busted it out for some inside fun!  (And of course he had to wear his cape!)

I have been wanting a decal for the back of my car for forever.  I had a plain white FSU one, but didn't love it.  I finally found the perfect one for me!  Random, but I completely love pineapples as decor pieces.  Thanks aNn monograms!

And to wrap up this long and random post - if a shirt could be my spirit animal - this would be it!

Tuesday, please don't act like a Monday!


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