Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer - Week 9

Our 9th week of summer was from July 18 - July 24.  This week was a different kind week because LL spent most of it at music camp, so I had a lot of extra time with my Coop-man!  Here's what we were up to:


Monday morning we had some plans fall through last minute, so we decided to make a quick change and go to the park!  Meghan and Luke happened to already be in town, so they stopped by and played for a while, too!

Ready to go burn off some energy!

I'll be honest here for a minute - I am not a "super easy going mom" - haha.  Not by any stretch.  I battle with a lot of anxiety, and my kids getting hurt is one of my main triggers.  Cooper wanted to climb this rock wall.  Normally, I would jump up and stand there just in case he fell, but I'm really trying to work on it (and give my kids some freedom), so I just stayed put in my seat.  I was so nervous the whole time, but he made it up with no issues!

He loved finding a ton of "spikey balls".

I'm so happy that the age gap between these kids (a little over 1.5 years) doesn't seem quite so big anymore, and that they can have a blast playing together!

We've been working with Cooper a lot this summer on getting himself dressed and undressed.  Silly goofball did this when I asked him to put on his pull-up (he still occasionally won't make it all night being dry).  He sure gets this from his Daddy!


Minions was playing at our local theatre this week, so on Tuesday, Meghan and Luke met us there! (Are you noticing a theme?  These boys saw each other a lot this week!  It was great!)  This was the first movie that Cooper has ever been to (out of like 7 or 8) where he has made it the whole time.  Usually, he gets bored and we end up walking to the bathroom a few times.  Not today!  He never asked to leave once!  AND he stayed dry and clean for the whole movie!


This was our big exciting morning of the week!  Ever year, a group of us takes our kids to our local firestation for a lesson on fire safety and a chance to play with all of the equipment.  The kids always have a blast!  LL was still at music camp, so Cooper got to enjoy a solo trip!  The night before, we baked some cookies for the fire fighters, so we went a little early to drop those off.  That also gave us about 10 minutes where they showed Cooper around by himself.  It was awesome!

We all sat down for our lesson on safety.  Cooper is mean-mugging because Tess just tried to sit in his lap - haha.

So stinkin' cute!  What a perfect smile!

The kids always love spraying the hose!

It was such a happy morning for him for sure!

He even got to put on the fire hat - and it was heavy!

I love these boys!

A highlight of the morning (and something they've never done before) was letting the kids climb on top of the ladder truck to watch them extend the ladder.  It was so cool!

A miracle happened this morning - Logan let me hold him.  Persistence pays off.  ;)

Our 2016 crew!


Thursday was a pretty easy going day.  In the morning, Cooper and I drove up to my school so that I could sign a new contract.  Matt came home a little early to work from home during nap time so that I could run to the dentist.  After the dentist, we had an early dinner so that we could all go to LL's music camp performance!

We were all so impressed!  She learned how to play the flute, ukelele, and hand bells, as well as several songs and motions.  It was a great performance!  I have two videos from her performance: 1- this is a video of her playing the song flute 2- this is a video of her singing "God's Not Dead".

After the performance was over, we all went to DQ (with Grammy and Pop) as a treat!


Friday was family fun day!!  For the first time ever, Daddy went with us to the water park!!  We only took one picture on the way out because we spent the rest of the time just having fun together.  :)


Saturday morning we all packed up to go to a pool birthday party for one of LL's classmates.  The kids spent about 2 hours swimming, sliding down the slide, and eating.  They had a blast!


Sunday morning we took our usual kid picture before we headed out for church.  Today's theme: stripes!  

Cooper didn't get the memo, I guess - haha.

LL is getting pretty good at taking pictures!

But when she has control of the camera, it also means you'll end up with pictures like this on your phone - haha.  She said, "Mommy!  I finally got a picture where Lovie is looking at the camera!".  

After naps, we went over to Oma and Opa's for a pizza dinner!

That's a wrap for week 9!  Only one more week of summer left (what?!)!  You can see the recaps from our other weeks here:
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