Thursday, June 26, 2014

Girl's Day

My last day of school this year was also LL's last day of school.  This was also the week of our 10 year anniversary.  To celebrate, we were leaving for the next week to go to Jamaica.  Since school was out for LL, and I was prepping for our trip, I decided that LL and I needed a girl's day!  We went with Oma and got mani/pedi's to celebrate summer!  When LL got her first manicure a few months ago, she just got her fingers painted.  This time, we did the whole shebang.  She even sat in the chair for her pedicure!

LL's manicure

LL's pedicure.  Polka dots on one foot...

…And stripes on the other!

My manicure.  I am loving the gel nails!  They're wonderful!

My pedicure.

We really had a great time and LL did wonderful for being there for like 2 hours!  I really want to take her back one more time before school starts.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

LL's Preschool Graduation

LL had her preschool graduation on Tuesday, May 20th.  We had to drop her off at the school by 8:45 and then head over to the sanctuary to wait for the graduation.  I gave her several dresses to choose from, and this is the one that she picked.  :)

We got there pretty early (since we didn't leave after dropping her off), and got seats for the whole family.  This guy did great with waiting for everything to get started.

All the classes filed in, and then they helped everyone put their hats on.

The ceremony was really cute.  They sang us some songs, and LL did GREAT and didn't get shy like she did at my Mother's Day Tea.

They also put together a handbell performance of "Jesus Loves Me".  I'm not a big hand bell person, but this was adorable.  And I was so proud of LL and how seriously she took it!    

They had the Lord's Prayer.  All of the kids had been working for months on memorizing it.  LL does it perfectly!  

And then she got her diploma and final report card!

We are so proud of this girl!!!

LL's teacher this year - Miss Tish

LL with all the grandparents that came to see her (and Ben who was in town!)

With Gigi

With Opa and Oma

With Grammy and Pop

Andrew and Kayla came to see her graduate, too!

We really have loved LL's time in preschool so much.  We have loved all of her teachers and her experience there.  I'm so so sad to see this time over with!  I wanted to make sure to get pictures with all of her teachers before we left.  A big thank you (so much!!) to all of LL's teachers and how wonderful they have been to her!  She seriously loves each and every one of them, and they touched her life so much!

Her pre-k 3 teacher, Miss Kerry

Her pre-k 4 teachers: Miss Tish and  Miss Shawn

Her pre-k 3 teacher: Miss Heather

On the way to the car, LL and Coop were being so sweet and holding hands.

The preschool gave us this framed pic of LL as part of her graduation present, and it now sits proudly in our living room!

Now that preschool is over, we have a bigger journey ahead: Kindergarten!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Day of Pre-K 4!

I seriously can not believe that LL's time in preschool is already over.  I remember touring PAUMC and signing her up for her first year, and now she's completely done.  It really hit me the other day that I'm about to have to take LL school shopping.  For kindergarten.  Um.  This is not okay.  Where did my baby go??  

Lucky for me, LL's last day of school was also my post-planning day.  This meant that I didn't have to be at school so early in the morning and I was able to get her ready and take her pictures.  She has been so good lately about not minding having her picture taken.  I love it and her pictures this morning turned out cute.

Then she did this all by herself.  I don't know where it came from, but I'm loving it!


Here's a look at her first day of Pre-k 4 compared to her last day of Pre-k 4 (9 months apart).

Here's her last day of pre-k 3 and her last day of pre-k 4 (one year apart).

When Matt went to pick her up, he went inside and got a picture of her with Miss Tish and Miss Shawn.  They were excellent teachers and so good to my sweet LL!

Grammy and Pop wanted to take LL out to dinner to celebrate the end of preschool, so we all loaded up for Red Lobster.  They also got her a sweet "Angel of Learning" as a graduation present.

When we were leaving, I told Coop we were going to take some pictures, so he sat down - haha.

Up next: preschool graduation!