Monday, December 5, 2016

The Christmas Tree Farm 2016

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions is going to the Christmas Tree Farm.  This year, we had initially planned to go the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we had a birthday party and a few other things to do that day also, so we decided to go on Black Friday instead.  We got up and ready and made it there shortly after they opened for the day!

Two cute kids ready to go!

Be still my heart!

The kids liked this one and wanted to take it home - haha.

We walked around for about 20 minutes before we finally settled on the perfect tree.  Here's the winner!

My boys!

My best girl!  She is getting so tall!!!

Matt and I figured it up, this is our 13th or 14th time going to the Christmas Tree farm together!  There's no one else I'd rather go to the Christmas Tree Farm 50+ more times with.  ;)

The boys did the work and LL did a great job supervising!

They did it!

LL helps Daddy drive while Cooper and I ride with the tree!

All of our past visits to the farm!

These babies are growing too fast!

The finished product - complete with crooked star.  :)

We are now all officially in the holiday spirit!  You can see our past visits to the Christmas Tree Farm here:


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