Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jumpin' Jacks

The same day that I snapped pictures of my awesome nephew, we took LL and Ben to Jumpin' Jacks.  LL LOVES going here, and Ben has been a few times before when he's been in town (and he's been to similar places in Atlanta).  I was really curious to see how they'd do together, and I was SO pleased!  They had a BLAST (duh!  What kid wouldn't?!), but I was also super impressed with how well they still actually played with each other while we were there.  LL would often reach the top before Ben (where in the world does she get her long legs from!?), and she would wait up there for him so they could slide down together.  How cute it that??  I didn't take a lot of pictures because it's hard to get them when the kids are constantly on the move.  But I did manage to take a few, of course.

Everybody is ready to go!

What better to do at Jumpin' Jacks than jump??

This was their favorite slide - hands down.

Sliding together.  :)

I was still enjoying figuring out my new camera.  :)

They had a blast!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

35 Weeks Pregnant!

35 weeks?!  Yikes!!  We are entering into the home stretch, for sure!  Have you noticed this little man over here?  ---->  Well, he is even scarier!  His countdown says 35 DAYS!  We need to get on the ball with the stuff we have left to do!

Baby Growth:  This week, Baby C is measuring in at about 5 1/4 pounds (we know he's bigger!) and about 18 inches long.  The chances of him rotating at this point are pretty low.  He's running out of room (and fast!) so more than likely he'll just stay head-down at this point.  His kidneys are now fully developed, and his liver is starting to produce some waste products.  Most of his basic physical developments are now completely - he'll spend the next few weeks just concentrating on putting on weight.

My Symptoms:  Oh man.  I'm just going to be honest here for a second.  I'm miserable.  Not 100% of the time, but about 80% of the time.  I am just NOT comfortable anymore.  I wish I could sit here and convince myself that I'm doing great and I love this, but I just can't.  My body HURTS.  Like, pretty much all of the time.  I'm hot all of the time, I'm constantly out of breath, I can't sleep, I waddle, my hips and back KILL me all the time, my legs are extremely restless.  I'm just a mess.  All the symptoms I mentioned last week are still around.  

I've also experienced some very MILD cramping.  Not enough to call Marie or anything, but just enough to catch my attention.  Every time that it's happened, I've paid close attention, gotten something to drink, and rested for awhile and they've completely gone away.  I'm guessing it's just normal?

Even though, physically, I'm not doing so great - mentally I'm still so happy to be pregnant with this little guy.  I'm soaking in the last bit of my time and really enjoying this.  I'm cherishing every kicks and hiccup and movement because I know I'm going to miss them a ton when he's here.  

Weight:  I lost a pound this week.  ??  I really don't know what's going on.  This puts me at a total of 20 lbs so far.  I looked back in the app I have on my phone, and I weigh the same that I did at 32 weeks.  I really don't know if this is okay.  ??  I'm eating and still pretty much eating whatever sounds good, so I have no idea how I'm not gaining like crazy.  I guess we'll see what Marie says next week.

Belly Pictures:

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes.  I'm SO thankful that I'm not going to work every day and I'm able to just dress very casually!  Shorts, tank tops, yoga pants, and dresses are totally my best friend right now!

Movement:  I said last week that his movements haven't changed a lot, but I totally disagree with that now.  Most of what I feel is more of a rolling sensation.  Almost like he's just trying to adjust and get comfortable.  I'm not feeling many hard jabs or kicks anymore.

Sleep:  Gosh.  This is TERRIBLE.  I am sleeping horribly every single night.  I have a really hard time going to sleep, I get super hot, my legs are restless, my hips and back hurt, I can't get comfortable - the list goes on and on.  I literally lay awake for HOURS at night just wishing that I was asleep.  Luckily, I'm home for the summer and I can take a short nap while LL naps every day.

What I Miss: Being able to move.  Almost everything at this point.  Sleep.  Feeling comfortable in my own body.  

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Getting things check off of my to-do list!  Also, we have another ultrasound next week.  I'm always excited to see my boy!

Cravings: Not really any this week.  I did crave some fried mushrooms from a local restaurant, but I got them the next day so my craving went away pretty quickly.  :)

Best Moment of the Week: LL has been SUPER sweet and I have been LOVING being home with her and seeing her so much!

Questions or Concerns: I guess those cramps a little.  ?

Goals for the Week: We have to get stuff ready for a garage sale this weekend.  I also need to pack my bag for the hospital, pack a bag for Baby C at the hospital, and pack a bag for LL for when I go into labor.  I need to get a start on my "cleaning list" I made for what I want to get done before he gets here.  I need to continue to work on my thank you notes, too.  I DID go and sign my epidural paperwork this past week, so I'm happy to mark that off of my list!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Nephew Is Awesome

A few weeks ago, my sister and Ben came down for the weekend to celebrate my mom's retirement.  This is right after I got my new camera for my birthday.  While LL was still napping on Saturday, I played around taking pictures of Ben in the pool.  

I'm really impressed with my new camera (can you tell a difference in quality?!) and I think my nephew is pretty stinkin' awesome.  ;)


How can you not fall in love with this little dude?  He's pretty much this great all of the time.  


Monday, May 28, 2012

Strawberry Patch 2012

It's one of our yearly tradition to take Lorelai to the strawberry patch here in town.  It's actually not too far from our house (shocker - everything usually is not close to us at all!) and every year LL has an absolute blast.  You can see our trip to the strawberry patch last year here.  Every year that we go I think that she eats more while where there than we actually get in the bucket.  :)

This year, my mom and step-dad came with us.  I wish I had had the opportunity to take more pictures, but my camera died while we were there.  Here are the pictures I did manage to take.

With an empty bucket and ready to go!

How grown up does she look?!

Her favorite part is for sure eating them.  :)

Proof that I was there - even though I didn't do much more than just   take pictures.  Bending over = not easy.

This was the best family picture that we got - haha.

This really is one of my favorite family traditions and I know that LL loves it, too.  She is still talking about the strawberry patch, and it's been about 4 weeks since we went!  Next year we'll have another little guy to tag along with us.  ;)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

34 Week OB Visit

After swim lesson Wednesday morning, I dropped LL off at my mom's house so that I could head to my doctor's appointment.  I knew that this one wouldn't be a big deal - basically just hearing the heartbeat and that was it.  And I was totally right - haha.

Like always, they got me back quickly to take my blood pressure, weight, etc.  My blood pressure was really good (119/73).  The bottom number is a *little* high for me, but not bad.  No one even mentioned it.  Then she took my weight.  This is where things get a little confusing.  According to my scale at home, I've gained 21 lbs.  According to their scale (which is always MUCH higher than mine at home - like, at least 2-3 lbs), I've gained 19 lbs total.  I know that the difference of 2 lbs isn't huge, but it's super strange to me that their scale is lower.  If I go by that, it actually says I've LOST like 2 lbs in the past 2 weeks.  I guess I'll just keep with the 21 lbs that my scale at home says??  Really, I guess this is not a big deal at all.

Marie came in and listened to the heartbeat and said that it sounded fantastic.  I didn't have any questions for her, so there wasn't too much to talk about!  She said in two weeks we would check to see if I was dilated, do some more labs, etc.  I reminded her that she said that we would do another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check his growth and she went ahead and set us up for that, too.

So I go back in two weeks for all of that jazz AND I start my weekly visits.  We're getting mega close to meeting this little guy!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth:  This week, Baby C weighs almost 5 lbs (haha - we know it's MUCH more than that!) and is almost 18 inches long.  He's really starting to pack on the fat and his skin is getting smoother and smoother.  The biggest thing that he works on from here on out is lung development.  

My Symptoms:  I have had some major symptoms this week.  Symptom number 1 is being crazy hot.  I am hot almost ALL of the time.  Rarely am I comfortable - especially at night.  Baby C is like my own mini-heater and he is working overtime!  I remember feeling this way with LL at this point, too (and that was in winter!) and it was uncomfortable then, also.

Symptom number 2 is my hips hurting.  They are officially hurting all of the time now.  This makes doing anything very uncomfortable.  Sleeping, sitting, walking.  You name it.  It literally feels like my hips are out of socket.  Is that possible??

Symptom number 3 is waddling.  I held off for as long as possible, but with this hip pain, there's no other choice.  I have a legit waddle.  There's no turning back now - haha.

Weight:  My scale says I've gained a pound.  Which puts me at 21 lbs total.  But I went to the doctor yesterday, and they only show me as gaining 19lbs total.  So which one do I go by??

Belly Pictures:  These were taken at about 9:00 at night after a long day.  I was exhausted and beyond hurting at this point.  It really shows.

I totally think that I look full-term at this point.

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes: 100% of the time.  Unless I'm wearing Matt's clothes - haha.  And even a lot of my maternity clothes don't fit anymore!  Now that I'm home, I'm literally living in tank tops and shorts.

I got tons and tons of stretch marks with LL.  So far, I haven't gotten any new ones this go around.  What I am noticing is that some of the ones at the top of my stomach are growing.  :(  I'm really not pumped about this at all, but I have no clue what I can do about it.  Sometimes genetics just suck.

Movement: His movement is still crazy strong.  A lot of the things I've read have said that he may start slowing down in his movement, but I haven't noticed.  He still moves a really good bit.  When I lay down, he can totally reach my ribs and it shocks me every single time.  Like, sometimes I'll jump when he hits them because it surprises me so much!  His movements are also starting to get MUCH higher up.  He is moving at the very top of my stomach now.  At this point, there's nowhere really to go but out!

Sleep:  Hands down, this is terrible.  I'm sleeping awful every single night.  I toss and turn, I can never get comfortable, I'm burning up, my hips are killing me, etc.  The list really goes on and on.  

What I Miss: Sleeping well.  Not hurting 24/7.

What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm going to a baby shower this weekend for a friend who is 6 weeks behind me that I'm excited about.  Overall, I'm just really  happy to be done with work.  LL and I are enjoying our summer like crazy.  :)  I'm also looking forward to seeing my little guy on our ultrasound in 2 weeks!

Cravings: Milk!  Every night after LL goes to bed I crave a huge glass of milk!

Best Moment of the Week: LL has just been the sweetest girl in the world.  Lately, she's been telling me every morning when I ask her what she dreamed about, "You, mommy!"  It's just so precious!

Questions or Concerns: Not really.

Goals for the Week:  I sat down and made a list of what I want to do in every single room in our house before he gets here.  I want to get at least two rooms done before this time next week!  I've started on my long list of thank you notes, and I'd like to get them all done pretty quickly, so I also need to work on those this week.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My 28th Birthday

30 is creeping up on me WAY too fast, and I'm not liking it at all!  I really wanted to keep my birthday pretty low-key this year.  The best thing in the world to me was the thought of staying home with my little family with no distractions - no places to go, no technology, etc.  We have been so crazy busy that staying home sounded like a vacation in itself!  Matt and LL went and picked up El Toreo for dinner (totally my request - yum!) and they also surprised me with roses and a balloon!  They didn't get me a present other than dinner, the flowers, and the balloon because Matt knew I was saving all of my birthday money for a new camera, so I told him what I really wanted was for us to put whatever extra money that I needed towards the camera.  

Baby C and I are ready to get our party on!  ;)

My birthday flowers.

My birthday balloon.  Who do you think picked it out??

My new baby!

As soon as they got home, we got to chowing down!  We had quesadillas and cheese/chips.  It was SO GOOD!

After dinner, we put LL in her swim suit and headed outside.  LL actually asked if she could have a bath in her pool, and we were totally so relaxed this day that we said yes.  I guess it's a good thing we live in the country.  ;)  We totally took all of her bath supplies outside and let her have a bubble bath in her pool.  Totally red-neck, but totally fun - haha.

My absolute new fav picture of us!

Even though it wasn't technically very "exciting", I had a GREAT evening, and nothing else in the world sounded better to me than what we did.  :)