Monday, October 19, 2015

August Randoms

Here are all of the random things from August that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

This beautiful girl wanted to take some pictures before heading in to church one morning.  She just blows me away!

When your best friend wants to see what outfit you're wearing and you're walking through the Publix parking lot.  This is what ya get...

Watching Daddy read books with his boy just melts my heart.

The kids were excited to wear some crowns they made!

Napping at Gigi's.  I just love how he sleeps with his arms above his head.

Playing while waiting for his chiropractor appointment.

The life of a potty training boy: naked, eating snack, watching Kipper.

LL set this up while she was playing.  I just feel like she's growing up so fast.  And I want to hold on to stuff like this.

Sneaking in a few pictures at Ben's birthday party!

Ben is 6!

I love a good summer pedicure!

Ben's first day of school!  He looks so grown up!

Poor guy had to start school on his birthday!  He doesn't mind now, but I'm sure he will one day.  ;)

Matt packs my lunch every morning (I know.  He's a keeper) I found this note at lunch one day.


Matt did this one night when the cat and I were both laying in his lap.  When he showed me (later), I can't tell you how hard I laughed.

Just some kids and their rooster.  We had to get rid of Lightening not long after this because he started getting too aggressive.

Watching TV early one morning.  He's started laying like this and I love it.


When you get an injury around here, chances are, your only option is some type of themed bandaid.  Matt wasn't afraid to rock the Olaf!

Saturday lunch at Firehouse Subs is our favorite!

Some days this girl is just overflowing with style!

Matt sends me morning pictures of Cooper after I go to work, and this day Cooper wanted a picture with his car.  :)

Holding hands and snuggling with my best boy.

A good morning picture of my boy before he heads off to school!

Do my kids ever get too old for me to love to watch them sleep?  Gah they look so sweet.

This.  This thing from the devil attacked me in my hair while driving on the interstate.  It was not a good situation.

Getting these pictures from Matt everyone is one of the highlights of my day!  

7th grade has skeletons in their closet.  Literally.

Matt and I have a "Sunday night dessert" tradition.  This Sunday was awesome.

Two kids rocking their America pride!

For about 6 weeks, LL's best friend Madeline rode the bus with her in the morning.  She loved it!

I love finding notes like this on my board.  I usually leave them up for a few days.  My students are used to them.  ;)

Matt took the kids outside to play after dinner one night.  I was inside cleaning up.  I looked out, and he had a chair right next to him waiting on me.  I love this man.

I get up super early on school days, and most of the time, Lola is the only one up with me.  This morning, she attempted to go back to sleep in my suitcase.

LL fell asleep wearing this hooded cat blanket one night.

If you missed the saga of this lamp and chair on facebook/instagram, then you missed some funny stuff.  But long story short, we ended up with some free stuff and a crazy story.

Waffle house!

Waffle house breakfast.  With enthusiasm.

Why, oh why, do random animals end up at our house???

That's a wrap for August!