Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Every Thanksgiving, we do something different than we did the year before.  Last year, we went up to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with my sister.  This year, we had Thanksgiving here in town with Oma and Opa and my sister and her crew came down here along with Gino's mom.  Kayla and Andrew were in town, so they came over to celebrate with us, too!  I always love Thanksgiving and how relaxed of a holiday it is.  I don't mind doing Thanksgiving in different places each year, but my one requirement is that wherever we are, I'm allowed to be the one to cook the turkey.  It's just something that I enjoy! 

On Thanksgiving day, we headed over to Oma and Opa's super early so that I could get the turkey cooking.  After we got it in the oven, I took a little nap on the couch (we got up early!) and Matt took this picture of LL snuggling me while I slept.  So precious.

At one point during the cooking process, some liquid started to drip out of the pan an sort-of caught fire in the bottom of the oven.  There was smoke everywhere and it was quite the event.  Thankfully (most of us) were able to keep our sense of humor about the event and we just laughed our way through it.  It helped that the turkey was not damaged during this process!

That's a beautiful (big!) bird!

The kid table.

The adult table.  Yum!

My sweet family!  I just feel so blessed and thankful that God gave me these people!

Two of my favorite girls!

These kids love their Nunu!

It was so fun to spend a holiday with my bff!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break Fun

Now that both kids are in school, we super look forward to breaks from school when we can all be together.  We were extra looking forward to Thanksgiving because Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben were coming in town for most of the week.  They come to town quite a bit, but usually not for more than about 2 days, so coming for almost a week was going to be awesome!

On Friday (the last day of school before break), these two turkeys showed up at my classroom when they get off the bus!

LL spent the night at Oma and Opa's Friday night, so Cooper and I had a date night.  We went to Target to get a Christmas tree for his room (LL has one in her room, but we've been waiting for Cooper to get big enough to know to leave it alone before we put one in his room.  This was the golden year - he did great).  After picking out his tree (and some decorations), we went and got hibachi to-go.

Oma took LL to the mall the next day and sent me these pictures of her coloring on this wall decor they had.

That afternoon Cooper and I picked LL up and then the three of us met Grammy and Gigi at the movies to see the new Peanuts movie.  Cooper loves Charlie Brown, so he was very excited.  We also bought the kids these "kid snack packs" and they were so excited to have their own treat!

You know Cooper just started eating immediately - haha.

LL is in a super "nervous" phase.  She is scared of everything.  She was terrified before the movie started that it was going to be "scary" (even though a- she loves Charlie Brown and b- why would we take her to something scary?!).  She was scared to the point where she said she wanted to leave and didn't want to see the movie.  Obviously we stayed and obviously she was fine.

A "being out of school" treat!

We're so happy that Ben is here!

The kids had room time in Cooper's room one morning.  This was the after-math.  It was a booger to clean up!

After LL went hunting with Daddy, they stopped by to see some of Mr. Clint's piglets!

Matt and I fit in some time to have a date and do some Christmas shopping.  We went to see MockingJay, and then met Laura, Kayla, and Andrew for dinner.

I love this man!

So happy my sister and my bff love each other!

We went to Kayla and Andrew's to see their Christmas tree.  Kayla was teaching Cooper how to look for the Christmas pickle.  :)

The kids and I met Emily and her crew at CFA for a lunch/play date one day.  I just love these kids!

These two are so sweet with each other.

I went in to check on LL one night, and found her and Lovie like this.  So adorable!

We finished out the week with a trip to see Good Dinosaur (I promise we do not usually see 3 movies in one week!)

It was a great week and so much fun to fit in so much family time!


Monday, December 28, 2015

Cooper's Thanksgiving Feast

Cooper had his first Thanksgiving Feast this year!  It's so fun with him in school this year and getting to see him experience all these firsts!  I wasn't able to go to the feast (it's so hard with my school schedule to get up to his school for much), but Daddy always picks up my slack and goes for the both of us.

Matt sent me this picture in the morning before school.  Coop man all dressed up for his program!

Waiting in the drop-off line.  Here's a sweet video they recorded for me while they waited.

They had this cute place setting all set up - I just love the little things like this that come home from school!

Melt my heart!  Cutest little pilgrim ever!

On stage - looking for Daddy and waiting to sing.

My sweet boy.  He is definitely the biggest one in his class!  Matt recorded a video of the song that Cooper and his class sang.

After singing, it was Cooper's favorite part - food!

They also sent home a color book that Cooper had been working on since the beginning of school!  It was so adorable!

I love little school things like this!  I'm so glad Matt was able to go and take picture and videos so that I don't feel like I missed out on being there.  

You can see LL's past Thanksgiving Feasts here:


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hunting With Daddy

Every fall, Matt has a focus on one thing: hunting!  We have a pretty good system down where he gets to go (at least) once a week.  Sometimes, he'll sneak in some extra trips, and he's also started taking the kids with him for some of those times.  This year was the first year that Cooper was big enough to go!  He didn't last long (and they sure didn't see anything with all the noise that boy makes!), but they both had a blast!

Safety first!  Gotta wear that orange and have that ear protection!

My boys!

LL has been with Daddy lots before - she's becoming a pro!  Even so, she still has yet to see a deer on one of her trips - haha.

These two love to be silly together!

Reading some instructions she found in the stand - haha.


Daddy carved her name into the stand!

Even though they don't stay long (and don't see anything), the kids love going and spending time with their Daddy!