Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

I feel like every time the seasons roll over, I always say the new season is my favorite.  But Fall really is such a great time of year - I think it truly is my favorite.  ;)  Every Fall, visiting the pumpkin patch is at the top of our list of things we have to do.  Cooper got to visit the pumpkin patch with his class at school, but he surely didn't mind going back again!

We always have to get a picture at the ruler!  These two kids aren't too far apart in height anymore!

Cooper asked for a picture by the Jesus Loves You sign!

When they're sitting down, there's really not much of a height difference!

I love the real smiles in this picture!

Cooper loves the "5 little pumpkins" song this year, so he wanted another picture to be a pumpkin on the gate.

LL asked for a picture by herself this visit, too!  I was loving it!  This beautiful girl is just so precious.

Both kids did great with pictures before picking out our family pumpkins!

Daddy's turn with the kids!

Every year we take pictures of just the two kids together at the pumpkin patch - and ever year they are some of my absolute favorite pictures!

Look at that cheesin' smile!

Now that LL is older, she can get pictures of Mommy and Daddy solo, too!

I love seeing how both kids have grown over our trips!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Break 2017

Most of the schools in our area get 2 days off for Fall Break (typically a Friday and a Monday).  My school is still on extended day, so our Fall Break was longer.  Cooper got Friday, October 6 and Monday, October 9 off.  LL and I had October 9-13 off.  I'm kicking off our Fall Break post just a few days early to recap some fun we had before it officially began!

The Thursday before Fall Break Cooper earned another reward (he earns stickers on our calendar at home), and he chose to go to dinner at The Mill (again - haha).  He's allowed to choose any fun treat he wants, but I think he's always going to stick to this!  Matt had a business dinner, so it was me solo with the kids.  Cooper wanted Grammy and Pop to come, too, so we made an evening out of it! 

A belly full of pizza and ready to play some games!

LL loves it when Cooper earns his reward because he's been picking something the whole family can have fun with.  So she's reaping the benefits of his hard work - haha.

Alllll those coins for these teeny tiny prizes (which have since disappeared).

Matt won this awesome gift basket at his business dinner- including a $300 gift certificate for me!  I'm not complaining!

Friday afternoon Grammy and Pop asked me to take a picture of the kids and their new FSU gear - and this was the best one I got.  

Friday night had a crazy turn of events and we ended up puppy sitting Kayla and Andrew's dog through the night for them.  When the kids woke up Saturday morning and saw Koko in the house, they were over the moon excited!

Dressed and ready for church on Sunday!

I'm definitely not going to hit my 100 book goal for the year, but I'm still plugging along!

We decorated for Fall/Halloween on Sunday after naps.  This spooky kitty was a hit.

I have just discovered LaraBars and I am in love.  Paired with some fruit, it's one of my favorite things to take for lunch!  So far, the lemon and the mint chocolate are my favorites!

Tuesday morning Cooper was supposed to go back to school, but I had a procedure scheduled and they asked me to come in earlier than planned, so to keep chaos down, both kids just went to Gigi's for the day to play (instead of Cooper going to school and just LL going to Gigi's).

I would much rather have been playing with my kiddos!

My procedure was in another town nearby, and Matt and I got back mid-afternoon.  That night, we decided to let the kids spend the night with Grammy and Pop (and for them to take Cooper to school the next day) so that I could have another day of rest.  My recovery wasn't quite as fast as they told me it would be, so I needed another day before chasing kids around.

As much as I missed them, they seemed just fine without me!

Ice cream - it's what's for dinner.

I'm so glad the kids spent the night away - because I literally slept for less than 2 hours.  I found myself awake at 2am - eating cereal and watching Netflix.

Thursday was crazy hair day for Cooper at school!

I was feeling so much better, so LL and I went by the library on the way to pick Cooper up from school.

Cooper had his visit to the pumpkin patch with his class on Friday.  Both kids did this every year in preschool, but I never got to go!  I was so happy that I was on Fall Break and able to go this year!

His teachers and his class.

The preschool director dresses up as a pumpkin - the kids love it!

I was so so happy that I got to spend the morning with my boy!

A Cooper-sized pumpkin!

5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate - do your kids sing this song?  It's on repeat at our house this time of year!

Everybody in their class got to pick out one small pumpkin.

His teacher invited any parent who wanted to stay for snack and recess, so I took her up on it!

This was on the wall - cracked me up!

Recess is his favorite subject - haha.

Saturday was a busy day - we had two birthday parties!  First up was Logan's!

LL absolutely loves Logan and is so sweet to him.

We left Logan's and went straight to Jungle Jyms for a birthday party for our neighbor.  My mom has a picture of me sitting on this same rock when I was about Cooper's age.  ;)

All ready for church again!

Cooper and I always go to the bathroom when I pick him up from his class on Sunday.  He insisted on taking a picture when I asked him to hold my phone - I'm just thankful he gave me time to be done using the bathroom - haha.  #momlife

 We ended Fall Break with some cookie baking!

We managed to pack in a lot of fun over our week off!