Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night and No More "Billy"!

Matt and I had decided earlier in the week that we really needed a date night. This week was my first week back to work and it just felt soooo much busier. Grammy and Pop volunteered to watch her for us (of course!) so that we could go out. Lorelai loves spending time with all of her grandparents, so we knew that she'd be okay.

Getting ready to go to Grammy and Pop's!

Matt and I got all dolled up, took her to Grammy and Pop's house, and set on our way! We decided to go to Mom and Dad's. I was really in the mood for Italian and it is so very good there. I was also excited to go because the last time we went was for my mom's birthday in December. I was HUGE pregnant then and it was at the time where, after about 4 bites of something, I was full. I was so big and so uncomfortable in the chair that I was miserable. And to top it all off, I could only enjoy just a little bit of my food because my stomach was so squished. Needless to say, I was excited about going last night to redeam my last experience.

Date night at Mom and Dad's!

After a wonderful meal, Matt and I headed to Target. I absolutely LOVE Target, but I don't go as often as I would like. We needed to get some more bottles for Lorelai and I knew that there was other baby stuff that I wanted to look at. We spent about an hour in Target before heading back to get our baby. When we walked in the door to pick her up, she was screaming her head off! That is so not like her! It turns out, when Grammy was strapping her into her bouncy chair, she accidently pinched her arm in the snap. My poor baby had a big purple pinch mark on the back of her arm! :*( I took her into another room, gave her her paci, and she fell asleep quickly and it never bothered her again.

Matt and I had also decided to let her sleep in her own room for the first time last night! She naps in there during the day, but at night she still sleeps in the bassinet in our room. I've just recently stopped nursing completely, so we felt like we could move her in there now. We had hesitated before because our normal routine is that Matt gets up and changes her diaper and then gives her to me. Once I get her, I feed her and put her back to bed. Well, we didn't want both of us to have to get up every time and walk across the house to do this. Now that I'm not nursing, we can take turns getting up with her because she takes a bottle. She did so well last night! We put her down around 11:00, and she slept until around 2:00. Matt got up and gave her a bottle and she went right back to sleep after eating. Then she got up again around 5:15, ate, and went right back sleep. She got up for good this morning around 8:00. Not a bad night!!

Our biggest surprise this morning happened when Matt came home from the doctor (he's been fighting the crud...). One of my friends was coming over to see Lorelai for the first time, and I was trying to straighten the house a little. I was washing bottles in the kitchen, but I knew that Lorelai needed to be changed into a new diaper and out of her pj's and into her clothes for the day. I asked Matt if he would take care of that for me. I kept washing bottles when I heard Matt say, "Mommy....come here....". I said, "Don't tell me it fell off!!" I walked into her nursery and got the best news -- her umbilical cord FINALLY fell off! Normally, umbilical cords fall off between 10 -14 days after birth. Well, Lorelai is 7 weeks and 3 days old. That's 52 days old! We have been wanting that thing to fall off for forever!!! It was the best news!

We'd been telling Lorelai for about 2 weeks, "When your 'billy' falls off, we're going to go get you a new bathtub!". We have just this little chair type thing that we've been using in the bathtub. Since her umbilical cord was on, we were having to just sponge bathe her in that. Not fun! We were excited to buy her a more comfortable bathtub for when we could REALLY bathe her. She always enjoyed her sponge baths, so we KNEW she'd enjoy a real bath! We are also excited to be able to really bathe her, because now we can start her on a routine of getting a bath every night. The little things are so exciting!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eventful Afternoon

We had a pretty funny afternoon all in the span of about 1 hour. When Matt got home at 2:30 I told him that I could not get Bono to go outside. We've been having trouble lately getting him to do that. I think that he's depressed because, now that Lorelai is here, he's not getting as much attention as he was before. Because of that, he doesn't want to go outside because he thinks we'll make him stay out there for a long time. Matt couldn't get him to go out either, so this is what we (well, Matt) had to resort to....
After I took this picture, Matt put him down and he walked outside. :)

Then, we had to wake Lorelai up for her 3 o'clock feeding. She was super tired, but it was time to eat and we keep her on a pretty tight schedule. She woke up enough to eat for a little while, but then conked out after about 1 1/2 oz. It was super cute and the funniest thing ever.

One Month Pictures!

We got our one month pictures back from Gino last weekend and I'm so excited! We had so much fun doing them and he did a great job! I think that this is the most perfect way to remember her being this small and I kind of wish that she would stay this way forever. Here are a few of my favorites...