Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cooper's First Field Trip

Last week, Cooper took his first-ever school field trip!  Although, technically, I don't know if it's a field trip if you ride there and back with your parent??  Oh well!  LL did this very same trip when she was in the 3-year old class and I went with her.  For Cooper's first field trip, Daddy took the morning to go!  I love that we both have gotten to be there for the "first one".  Their class all met at Raisin' Cane to do the corn maze, see the animals, and play!  

This is Cooper's best little friend from school.  They are so sweet!

Just boys being boys!

Heading to the maze!

How adorable are they holding hands??

Cooper's sweet class.

The sun is too bright!

They also got to do a hayride - which Cooper loved.

Snack time!

My boys!  Are kids are so blessed to have a Daddy that is so involved with them!

Cooper's future wife.  ;)

While I hated missing Cooper's trip, I'm glad these boys had a blast together!


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