Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

We had lots of fun stuff both leading up to Easter and on Easter this year.  I love Spring - the warmer weather, the fun activities, longer days, playing outside, etc.  This time of year just gives me such a renewed spirit!  Here's all of our Easter fun for this year:

Cooper's Class Party
Cooper had his annual class Easter party this year, and Matt was able to go with him.

It was at the Country Club, and Cooper was pumped to play on the playground when they got there.

Cooper and his bff -Brayden.

My boys!  And major props to Matt - he was the only Daddy at the party. #bestdadever

Had to get a crying pic - Cooper had to stop playing to hunt eggs and he wasn't loving that idea - haha.

He was into it once he figured out what was going on!

He had to hunt for eggs with his own name on them!

Checking over his stuff with Brayden.

After they hunted eggs, they had snacks and drinks for the kids.  Before they ate, they sang God Our Father (like they always do).  Well.  Matt was taking a video for me (you can watch it HERE) and didn't have any idea what gold he was going to get.  It's worth it to hear Cooper at the end.  Obviously we're #winning at raising Godly children!  #ohCooper #notagain

Hansen and Cooper (can you tell Cooper is the oldest in his class?  He is a BEAST).

LL's Class Party
LL's party worked out that both Matt and I were able to go.  Her teacher has family that lives right across the street from LL's school, so they hosted the party for the whole class.  It was so sweet!  They hid all of the class eggs that we sent in, and then they had a big lunch for all the kids (way better than school food!).

All the little ducks walking across the street with their teacher!

They were ready to hunt eggs!

LL's class did the hunt the same was as Cooper's where you had to find the eggs that had your name on them.  With 24 kids in her class (and everyone sent in 12 eggs), that was a lot of eggs and it was surprisingly harder for her to find all of her eggs that I thought it would be!

We love this girl so much!  She makes us so proud!

It was such a sweet lunch that they did all on their own - grilled hot dogs, pickles, chips, cookies, and drinks.

LL's sweet teacher sent these next two pictures after Matt and I left the hunt.

Easter Fun Day at Church
The day before Easter, our church hosted an easter day on our new campus.  Easter Sunday was our first day in our new (permanent!) building!  It was so incredible to be at this Easter celebration on our own land with our new building!

Matt took these pictures of the kids on the slide while I was registering them for the egg hunt, and these pictures made me laugh when I looked at them later.

Sliding crazy but still holding hands.  :)

They had these super cute photo booths set up (with real bunnies and chicks!) and it was so sweet to see these two waiting in line and holding hands. 

A bunny!

They also had lots of snacks and I think the kids liked that part the best.  Cotton candy!

And snow cones!

That night the Easter bunny came!  The kids had requested that the bunny please give them some new art supplies - and he came through!

Easter Sunday
We got up extra early on Easter Sunday to make sure that we were all dressed and ready on time.  We also figured that we should get to church early since it was our first day in our new building. We knew it was going to be crazy crowded (and it was!  On Easter Sunday, there were 727 kids in attendance between the two services!)!

My babies!

The three parts of my heart!

Even though we can't do #brickpics at church anymore, we still snapped some pictures outside after the service.

I love this handsome man.

Kayla and Andrew came to church, too!

After church, we went to Grammy and Pop's house for Easter lunch!

This girl - she is turning out to be such an amazing person.  She is so funny, sweet, strong-willed, and kind. It's the best combination!

This boy!!  Goodness this boy.  You can put a tie on him, but you can't take the wild out of him!

Grammy and her babies.

We had such a great Easter, and had so much fun celebrating!


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