Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cooper's (4th) Shark Birthday!

This year, Cooper's birthday fell on a Saturday, so his party and his actual birthday were on the same day!  I've fit everything into this one post: his birthday, his party decor, and his party.  So here we go:

I can't believe my last baby is now 4!  It does make my heart a little sad to think that we'll never have another 1, 2, or 3 year old in our house again (although not quite sad enough to have another one - haha).  I love to see how he changes every year, but also how he really looks so much the same (especially his facial expressions).

He kicked off his birthday morning super early (think 5:40), but he had this fun surprise waiting for him!!

We had a lazy morning at home singing, playing, and having fun.  For breakfast (actually, breakfast #2), he requested "the donut store" which has actually become a tradition for us!  We've gone to get donuts for every one of his birthdays!  

Picking out his donut.

I am so in love with this birthday boy!

His favorite thing at the donut store?  Donut holes!

After the donut store, we went to my mom's house for a family swim morning!  Cooper is such a water boy, and he loved just playing and swimming with his whole family (usually when we swim, Daddy is at work).

LL didn't work up the nerve to jump from up top until she was like 5 1/2 or 6 (I think 6).  Cooper did it for the first time on his last day of being 3!  He spent his birthday morning jumping over and over and over!

Having a cool big sister to follow has helped him a ton!

LL is a little mermaid!  She blows me away with how well she swims and how much she loves it.  This year, she can swim down and touch the bottom of the deepest part of the pool!

My boys!

Daddy is the "fun parent" in the pool.

At lunch time, Matt took Cooper home to eat lunch (Wendy's - his favorite) and to have a nap.  Home is the place where we know he will nap, and he for sure needed to get one in before his big party!  While the boys were at home, LL had some down time with Ben, and Laura and I got to work with all of the last minute stuff for the party!

Last year, this room was an outdoor porch.  This year, my mom closed it in and air conditioned it.  It's so nice!  This is where we set up all of the food.  We also put a bunch of chairs in here for anyone who wanted to sit inside out of the heat.  It's nice because if you're in the room, you can still see everything that's happening at the pool and still feel like you are a part of it.

Cooper's favorite color is blue, and he was pumped about a shark party.  I decided to scale waaaay back with the decor this year.  Lots of blue with a few shark things sprinkled in.  He loved it!

This "4" balloon was a beast.  The wind kept turning it around, and I could never get a picture with it the right way - haha.  So we'll just pretend.  ;)

I ordered these fun cookies from Hip Baby Cookie Company for his favors!  They turned out so cute and Cooper absolutely loved them!

We all had fun with this cool photo prop!

When Matt and Cooper got back after nap, we had to get some pictures of the birthday boy!!


It's hard to believe that this boy is four!!


This is terrible, but I practically took zero pictures at the party.  I just wanted to not worry about the camera and enjoy what was going on!  So that's what I did!  Everyone swam for about an hour before we did food (pizza) and cake.  Cooper loved his cake.  I just ordered an ocean cake from Publix (my fav), and my sister and I made these shark fins to put on top.  It was lots of blue (Cooper specifically requested 4 blue candles), and sharks so Cooper was over the moon about it!

He loves it!

After cake, everyone swam some more before we opened presents.  I'll say this - all of our sweet friends and family sure know our boy!  He got stocked up on his favorite thing - super heroes!

Hawkeye glasses!

A Hawkeye bow (with a quiver that he can wear on his back) like he has been begging for!

He was so sweet giving everyone hugs or high-fives!

LL took over the present opening (because she's her momma), and I love this picture of her reaction.  So adorable!

I could not have pulled this off without my sister!  She was such a HUGE help!

A best friend will brave 100 degree heat every year to come to your kid's birthday party.  ;)

Another thing that Cooper specifically requested (over and over again) was to have party blowers.  Day made!!

It really was such a perfect day for Cooper!  He had so much fun, and kept saying how much he loved everything.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, and to everyone who came to celebrate our boy!!

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