Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Recap: Halloweekend Edition

This weekend didn't end up going exactly as we had planned, but we ended up having a blast anyway!  Here's what we were up to in the weekend before Halloween:

Friday was the last day of Red Ribbon Week for me and LL.  The theme this day was Halloween costumes!  LL wore most of her Pirate costume, and I wore most of my Queen of Hearts costume from our girl's trip to Disney.

Matt and Cooper busted out the selfie stick for my "Happy Morning" picture, and it made me SO HAPPY!

Gigi picked Cooper up from school so that Grammy and Pop could go to LL's Halloween party at school.  Cooper was so excited about Gigi coming to get him!

And LL was so excited about Grammy and Pop coming to her party!

She was also mostly excited about Grammy and Pop checking her out after the party - haha.

We have been so blessed that our girl has ended up with amazing teacher's every year of primary school!  God truly had His hands all over her placement every year!

On the way out, they ran into LL's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Allison!  Isn't she cute?  All of the Kinder teachers were dressed as birds for "birds of a feather flock together".

Notice LL's eye?  Yep.  Remember that.

That evening we headed back to LL's school for her Fall Festival!

Want to know how to win a cake at a cake walk?  Don't win.  Then cry.  And they'll give it to you anyway.  #thisboy

Saturday morning we woke up at 6 am to a fun surprise - LL's right eye was swollen huge and completely shut.  Yay!  Pinkeye!  She and I snuggled in bed for a few hours, and then got to the doctor right when they opened at 9.

Because of the pinkeye, we cancelled our plans for the whole day (running errands, family lunch in town, carving pumpkins, neighborhood block Halloween party).  We stayed home all day and cleaned and let the kids play outside.  Thankfully, we have parents who could care less about possibly getting pinkeye, too, and they invited us over to their house (since they knew we had to cancel our fun stuff) for a spooky Halloween dinner!

First up?  Roasting hotdogs outside!

Cooper doesn't like to roast things over the fire ("It hurts my eyes"), so he and I hung out and took pictures instead.  :)

We ate our hotdogs inside with all the lights out and only candles and the jack-0-lantern lit up and Halloween music playing.  It was so fun!  After dinner, it was back outside for s'mores!

Sunday morning we decided to stay at home so as not to possibly infect anyone else at church.  I started my day with my new favorite breakfast: vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and granola.

The kids spent the morning outside helping Matt wash his truck, and I stayed inside and did laundry.  After dinner, we went outside to do our pumpkin carving!

Pumpkin guts!

What this translated to was Matt and I carving pumpkins while the kids ran around in the yard - haha.

Pumpkin carving team!

Matt and his Jack Skellington

Me and my old school jack-0-lantern.

Finished product!

Two happy kids!

Now we are all ready for a fun Halloween tomorrow!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend Recap: Date Night Edition

This weekend finally felt like FALL thanks to a cold snap in our area (don't be alarmed -  we're back to 80 degrees already and it's only Monday).  Here's what we were up to this fun, fall weekend!


Friday night, Matt was hunting (he goes every Friday night), and Grammy and Pop watched the kids for me for a few hours around dinner time so that my sister and I could go on the hunt for clothes for our upcoming Christmas card pictures.  After shopping, I grabbed the kids and got them home in time for bed time.  About the time I sat down for my "Friday cheat" dinner, Matt called to say he had gotten a big buck and it would be awhile before he got home.

A few hours later, he showed up with this!  LL was awake when he got home (Lola barked and I think it woke her up), so we woke Cooper up so that he could so it, too.  Way to go, Daddy!


Saturday we were so excited to put on some fall clothes and head to the pumpkin patch!  You can read all about our visit HERE.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed into town to run some errands.  While at Sam's, we couldn't resist a little break for a slushie and a pretzel!

After naps, we all had (different) special days planned.  For me and Coop - it was a very special day!  Our local Chik-Fil-A was hosting a mother/son date night, and I made us a reservation a few weeks ago.  This was our first official date!

Daddy did a great job prepping Cooper.  He had money in his wallet to pay for dinner (a gentleman always pays), and he had been instructed about holding doors and holding hands.  Cooper listened well and did everything like Daddy told him!  Even the girls at Chik-Fil-A couldn't get over the cuteness of him paying for our dinner!  #teachtheminthewaytheyshouldgo

I am always impressed with how Chik-Fil-A goes above and beyond.  At each table, there was a bucket of leggos and several cards with ideas of things to do.

"Spell your name" was one of the ideas, and we aced it!

They also had gift cards, stuffed cows, and small presents at the table.  It was so thoughtful!

Aunt Laura and Ben were there for date night, too.  They got there a little before us and got a table for 4 thinking we could all sit together.  When we got there, sweet Cooper was insistent that we should be sitting at our own table since it was our date.  Melt mommy's heart!  So we sat at a table for just us!

Emily and Kye were there, too (dressed up for a Halloween even afterwards - haha)!  It was funny because I actually knew like 6 out of the 8 or so mom/son dates that were there.  #smalltown

Despite wanting to eat alone, Cooper had no issue with playing with Ben in the play place after we ate.  ;)

We took two pictures - of course one is good of Cooper...

...and one is good of Ben.  Real life!

We decided to skip dessert at Chik-Fil-A and to go to The Mix instead (again - Cooper's treat)!

Of course we had to invite Ben and Aunt Laura to come, too!

This was also a special day for me and Cooper for another reason.  October 22, 2011 is the day that I found out that I was pregnant with Cooper (minutes before I was hosting a baby shower for Emily nonetheless.  You can read about that HERE!) . After our miscarriage the summer before and trying to get pregnant for several months, this pregnancy was such a gift from God.  Then, my pregnancy with Cooper was not uneventful (complete with trips to see a specialist due to concerns about Cooper's brain).  All of this to say -the road to get Cooper was not easy or without bumps!  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the blessing that is this boy!  To go on our first date 5 years to the day that I found out I was pregnant with him just made it all the more special.

While Cooper and I were having our date, LL and Daddy were having their own fun!  What do they love to do together?  Go hunting!

This trip was extra special because it was the first time that LL got to bring her BB gun with her.  And bless, she was set on the fact that she was going to kill a deer with her gun!  I told Matt he needed to wait another year or so before explaining that her gun might not be capable of that.  ;)

They didn't see anything (I'm not surprised).  When they left the woods, they stopped for a late dinner at McDonald's.


We kicked our Sunday off with church!

I love LL's little pose - she came up with it all on her own.

I am in love with this handsome guy!

We took two separate cars to church so that I could go grocery shopping afterwards.  If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen my story on this - as a mom, grocery shopping alone is practically a vacation, amiright?

My "after grocery shopping" treat!

After naps, Matt and the kids went outside to play while I killed my workout.

We ended our weekend with a baking session!  Mommy, Cooper, and chocolate chip cookies - yummy!

This next week is Red Ribbon Week for me and LL, so it'll be a long, interesting week for sure!  As a parent, I love RRW.  As a teacher, not so much.  ;)