Friday, July 1, 2016

Cooper's 4-Year-Old Well-Check

Today (July 1), Cooper had his 4 year old check-up!  Here are his stats:


Weight: 47 lbs (98%) + 9 lbs at 3 years (94%)
Height: 44" (99%) + 3 3/4" at 3 years (96%)
BMI: 17.1 (88%)  +.6 at 3 years (66%)

We've always known that he's been a big kid (he's been this way since in utero!), but we haven't seen him at literally the tip top of the charts in quite a while!  99th percentile for height!  Woah!!

Here's how he compares to LL at 4 years old:
She weighed 36 lbs (so he weighs 11 lbs more - geez!)
She was 41" tall. (he is 3 inches taller)
Her BMI was 41% (His BMI percentage is waaaay higher - haha)

Here's what we talked about at his appointment:

-She said his speech is doing so well!!  She could understand him perfectly!
-While his BMI is high (she didn't even mention it), he is just a big, healthy boy.
-We talked about car seats.  We bought Cooper his THIRD car seat this past year.  He is just so big and out grows them so quickly!!  We had to buy this last one due to weight.  His current seat does the 5-point-harness for up to 50 lbs.  Obviously we're getting pretty close to that!  I asked her if we should get another seat or just move him to a booster.  She said that, technically, she should tell me to get another seat - haha.  But she said it's fine if he moves to a booster some time this year, and she went over all of the safety requirements of that with us.  For now, we'll keep him in what he is (we still have 3 lbs - haha), and we'll think and talk about what we want to do.
-We also asked her about his nose bleeds.  He has them quite often, and I want to make sure that's not a big deal.  She said as long as they aren't hard to stop (they aren't), and aren't happening every day (they aren't), that it's not a big deal.  He doesn't have other bleeding problems (bleeding when we brush his teeth, bad bruising, excessive bleeding when he gets cut, etc.), that it's not a sign of something more serious.  If it starts getting a lot worse, we can take him to an ENT and get the inside of his nostrils cauterized, but she said that's worse than child birth - haha.  So unless it gets a lot worse than it is now, we'll just continue to manage it!
-They pricked his finger and his hemoglobin was great.
-He got two shots (and was not a fan!), and is scheduled to go back next year when he turns FIVE!!!

We feel so thankful and blessed to have such a happy, healthy boy.  We don't take that for granted at all!


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