Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fun Summer

In honor of school starting back for me this week (I'm exhausted!!), I thought it would be fun to look back on what a fun summer we had!!  I really had a mission to "do one fun thing every day".  And I didn't focus on all of these elaborate things (although sometimes they were).  For the most part, we just focused on having fun in everything we did!  We literally soaked up every last drop this summer.  While I have loved all of my summers (hello - no work!), this one is by far my favorite.  LL and Cooper are both at such fun ages!  Here's a look back at some fun things we did this summer:

The kids got to go see Uncle Bryan's puppies while Mommy and Daddy were in Jamaica!

Also while we were in Jamaica, LL and Ben got to spend some time together at Gigi's.  I just adore this picture.  Ben was a little nervous about jumping in, so LL was there to "catch him".  So sweet!

We literally swam and spent more time at the pool this summer than any other time of my life.  And LL is now a FISH!

We babysat Kayla's kitty (Zoe) while she was gone for the summer.  LL had a blast taking care of both cats.  This day, everyone got bows.  :)

We also ate a LOT of popsicles out on the front porch!

Both kitties got a bath one day - and were super thrilled about it.  ;)

We tried to spent time outside in the backyard on the playground and with the baby pool, but it was just so hot that we didn't do it as often as I would have liked.  I'm sure we'll live out there this fall!

We had fun playing with ice and water on the front porch.  The kids loved scooping it back and forth.

On National Donut Day, Cooper and I stopped by the donut store after his visit to the chiropractor!

Of course we had to eat one before we left the store.  ;)

More pool time!

We also turned on our sprinkler system for fun in our front yard!

The kids also loved the baby pool at Grammy and Pop's (especially once the put a slide in it).

Cutest thing ever.  :)

LL got invited to go to VBS with friends one night!

What is summer without sugary cereal on the couch watching cartoons one morning??

We managed to fit in quite a few naps this summer, too.

We even had fun at the grocery store!  Publix is our favorite: car buggies and free cookies.

We also did a little bit of skinny dipping.  ;)

LL loved her surprise shirt for Daddy on Father's Day.

Cooper was easy to please - he even had fun watching Daddy mow the grass.

On Cooper's last day of swim lessons, we stopped by to get him a hamburger to celebrate - and he loved it!

LL went on a trip with Grammy and Pop, so we took Cooper on an evening date to Bruster's - for his first time ever!  And Ben was in town, so he came to get some, too.

We had VBS at our church, and LL got to hang out with some of her best girl friends.  

More pool time!

LL taught herself how to dive to the bottom of the pool this summer!!  She had a blast diving over and over for things off of the bottom.

And believe it or not, the kids even spent a few quiet moments playing nicely together this summer.

A few smoothies snuck in here and there, too.

Cooper's obsession with the lawn mower only got stronger when he got one for his birthday.  At least now I have a good looking, half-naked man to do my lawn.  ;)

Cooper made friends with some of LL's old toys.

Daddy did LL's toes one night while I was at a Girl's Night Out!

And he even let her paint his in return.  Such a good Daddy!

We spent some cool mornings in the shade playing with chalk.

More popsicles!

We managed to take one trip to the library to check out some books.

We went to Chick-Fil-A a few times to play.  Air conditioned + playground + good food = winning.

LL and I made a 4th of July craft.

Of course - more swimming.

We had s'mores to celebrate the 4th of July!

We took quite a few bubble baths.

We had a few more sweet sibling moments.

We had so much fun, that LL was just exhausted at gymnastics.  :)

We went to Wild Adventures and learned the wonder that is water slides!

LL ate a cricket inside of candy.

We ate our weight in watermelon!

We spent lots of time being SILLY!

Cooper developed an obsession for shoes - more specifically, boots.  So of course we had to get some new ones.

We painted some umbrellas on a rainy day and hung them up on the window.

We just really had the most amazing summer together.  I loved every crazy busy moment of it!!