Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fall Break Fun

We kicked off Fall Break with Cooper's first dentist appointment.  After that, we just tried to fill our week with lots of fun things and spending time together!  First up was Chick-Fil-A for lunch to celebrate Cooper doing such a great job at the dentist!

I love the rare moments that these two are exceptionally sweet to each other.  :)

Daddy, Grammy, and Pop came to eat with us, too!

LL has been talking about wanting to be an "animal doctor" since she was 3 years old.  I talked with our veterinarian and asked him if he would be willing to show LL around his office and talk to her a little bit about what it actually means to be an animal doctor.  She didn't talk much while we were there, but she loved it!  She has been talking about it so much since then!

LL with Dr. Mike

A good bike ride on Grammy and Pop's road!

I also wanted to do something special for Cooper this week (since LL got to go solo to the vet).  I talked with his teacher and came to his school one day to do snack time!  I made rice-krispie treat pumpkins and banana spiders!

I came right at the end of their outside time.  They come in and lay on this blanket to rest while the teachers get snack ready.

I absolutely loved getting to see Cooper in his element and seeing his sweet friends!

Right before it's time to leave, they all sit in their cubbies and sing the goodbye song.  It was so cute.

Cooper just fits perfectly in one of the shelves on his bed.  Silly boy.

LL's costume came in the mail!  She was an....animal doctor!  ;)

We went to Grammy's for dinner one night, and LL did a great job helping her cut the biscuits to make monkey bread.

I got some snuggle time in with the cat.  I am not a cat person.

My boys.  Watching the big tractors harvest the peanuts in the field behind our house.

Haha.  Two kids watching a movie and riding a plastic horse.

We finished out the week with two birthday parties!  One for baby Logan and one for a neighbor at Jumpin' Jacks.

It really was a fun week!  We all had a great time!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cooper's 1st Dentist Visit

When I first took LL to the dentist, she was a little over 3.5 years old.  For Cooper, I wanted to try and take him a little closer to 3 in hopes that he wouldn't be as nervous and would do fine with the experience.  LL's dental visits have been pretty up and down.  Some have gone smoothly, and some have been a disaster.  Cooper has such a different personality than LL, and I honestly had no idea how he would do.  LL also requires a lot of prep before big things happen.  She likes to talk about it a lot, likes to know exactly what is going to happen, etc.  With Cooper (and I don't know if this is because of his personality or just because he is the second kid), I tend to just give him minimal warning about things, and he seems to do better with this approach.

I scheduled his first appointment during my Fall Break so that I would be able to take him.  At LL's last appointment (in May), I took Cooper with us so that he could see what everything was like, and have a little background knowledge of what this was all about.  She did fine and he did fine the whole visit.  For his first trip, I really didn't even mention anything about it until about 3 days before.  Even then, I just said we were going so that they could check his teeth.  I started asking him to let me count his teeth and he would open wide and let me stick my fingers all in.  

For his first appointment, I took LL, too.  I thought having her there would help him feel more comfortable.  He also thrives on having "cheerleaders" supporting him, so I know if she was telling him that he was doing great that he would do even better.

Ready to go inside!  He looks so big to me in this picture!

He loved playing with the toys while we waited for his turn.

Once we got back, I was shocked at how compliant he was.  He sat in the chair by himself, wore the headphones and watched TV (which LL refuses to do), and did everything they hygienist asked him to!  He didn't care about anything!

My sweet helper and a great cheerleader for her brother!


He even did fantastic with his x-rays!  After everything, both kids got to pick from the treasure box!

I am just so impressed with South Georgia Pediatric Dentistry and can't recommend them enough.  About a week after his visit, he got a super sweet card in the mail saying that he was a perfect patient!  They even sent two more stickers for him and two more for LL.  I am so proud of my big boy!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Honeybee Festival - 2015

The first Saturday of October is always spent the same way - at the Honeybee Festival!  This year was no different!  Thankfully, the weather was actually pretty cool this year, and we didn't all get hot and grumpy!  We like to get there early so that we can be done right about lunch/parade time and miss out on the huge crowds that come after lunch.

Ready for the festival!

Riding the ponies is always LL's favorite part!

Cooper likes it (not as much as LL), but always looks super unsure.  This was his first time riding without me having to walk beside him!  Big boy!

I tried to snap some pictures of the kids while Matt went to get lunch.  It always cracks me up when LL tries to get Cooper to look at the camera - haha.


Cooper was much more interested in eating his grapes than taking a selfie with Mommy.  :)

We actually did not stick around for the parade this year.  We were done about 45 minutes before the parade was supposed to start.  We didn't want to occupy the kids that long, so we just grabbed a funnel cake and headed to the car.  It turns out we made a great decision - my mom said the parade was very sporadic and pretty awful!  On the way back to the car, LL wanted to push Cooper in the stroller.  While she pushed, Cooper thought he was in the parade and waved at everyone who walked by.

My babies!

My favorites!

This was LL's 7th trip to the Honeybee Festival!

This was Cooper's 4th trip!

You can see our past trips to the Honeybee Festival here:


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

September Randoms

Here are all of the random things from September that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

One of my favorite things to do is go check on the kids after they go to bed.  Do they ever get old enough that I won't want to watch them sleep?  I don't think so.

Matt sends me pictures most mornings before he and Cooper head out for the day.  This day, he looked like a soccer star on the way to school.  :)

We all love a good story time!

I love how much more time I get to spend with this girl now that she rides with me to and from school.  Starting off my mornings with her are the best!

I also love finding sweet notes like this on my board.

This Friday, LL was Queen of the Classroom!

It was storming outside, so I snuggled with this sweet girl at bed time.

Sometimes, I catch (rare) super sweet moments between these two.  In the bath, LL was rubbing Cooper's hair and singing to him.  Melt.  My.  Heart.

This is Cooper's favorite place to sit during story time at night.

A sweet note on my breakfast.  :)

Another sweet moment - LL reading to Cooper one afternoon.

Matt went outside to work on putting a light on the outside of the barn one night, and came in like this.  Turns out, he dislocated his shoulder and we got to spend a few hours in the ER getting it put back in.  Yay!

Wacky day!

When your bff brings you a coke to school.  :)

Wacky clothes and wacky faces!

Working hard in the yard with Pop!

I love these sweet girls!

I get up waaaay before the rest of my family every day.  One morning, Lola was awake with me.  But I think she was protesting.  :)

LL got to ride to school with Mrs. Kayla on the day that I went on my girl's trip to Disney!

That's a wrap for September!