Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Now that Cooper is at a *fantastic* age for things, I was super excited for all of us to go to the pumpkin together.  This is one of my favorite traditions, and LL is starting to love it just as much.  She's at a great age where she can really get excited about things and she remembers so much.  She completely remembered the pumpkin patch from last year and had so much enthusiasm to go again this year.  A few weeks ago, Gigi and Poppy brought us over two small pumpkins, and we also have some fall decorations out, so Cooper completely knew what a pumpkin was.  The whole way there, he looked out of the window and called "pumpkin!".  It was so cute!

We have gone to the pumpkin patch at PAUMC for the last few years because that's where LL went to preschool.  Every single year that we've gone it's been practically empty.  It's so nice to go and have the place to ourselves!

He immediately knew what to do.  :)

She was excited and ready to go!

Get ready for some of the cutest sibling pictures you've ever seen...

I love the way he's looking at her!

It's hard to pick, but I think this is my favorite!

I'm pretty sure he was saying "pumpkin!" very loudly in this picture - haha.

Attempting pictures with Daddy.  But they just wanted to GO!

Mommy's turn!

I LOVE this family picture!

I can't even deal with how big she is.  Where is my baby girl??

Cooper has grown a ton from last year, too!

She asked to take some more pictures.  Who am I to turn that down?!

She is the most beautiful girl in the world!

We took a little picture break to play pumpkin bean-bag-toss.

Oma and Opa came to the patch with us, so once they got there we were off to find out pumpkins!

Big man!  He pulled this all by himself!

Look at this girl in all of her pumpkin patch trips!

Cooper has changed a lot!

We had so much fun this year!  You can see some of our past years here:



Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hunting Season

Matt has been talking about taking LL hunting since she was really little.  She's never been before, but we figured this year she would finally be old enough to handle a short trip.  He decided to take her one Friday a few weeks ago.  He went to get her some camo to wear a few days before they went, and Cooper got very excited.  After LL tried it on, he insisted that he wear it too.  :)  Poor guy isn't old enough to go yet, but I'm pretty sure Daddy will have another hunting buddy when he is.  He was excited!  And pretty adorable.

After school on Friday, LL and I met Daddy and Grammy and Pop's house.  After we ate dinner, LL and Daddy headed into the woods and Coop and I headed home for bed time.

This pretty girl was ready to go!

She was truly so excited.

Of course she had packed an entire back pack full of toys to keep her occupied.  :)

Sitting in the stand!

Keeping a look out for deer!

Matt taught her how to use the deer call and took a little video of her in action.  She was actually pretty good!  LL had the best time and has been asking to go again, and I know Daddy had a good time, too!  They didn't end up seeing a deer - but maybe they will next time.