Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween 2016

After such an amazingly fun Halloween last year, no way did I think it could get any better this year.  I was wrong!  As fun as last year was, this year stepped it up even more!!  This year, we had a "kid dinner" planned at the Parker's before trick-or-treating, and then a big group of us all went together.  It was so perfect!

All dressed up and ready to go!  Arg!

Our pirate princess!

Captain Cooper!

While Matt and I didn't go full costume, we decided to get in the theme just a little bit.

Pirate faces!

Everyone signed up to bring parts of dinner, and we all met at Emily's for the kids to play and eat before trick-or-treating.  One thing I loved this year is that Laura and Ben are in town and came, too!

The hostess with the mostess!

My handsome pirate man!

After dinner, we gathered the kids up for a group picture.  Our group has grown from last year and I love it!

Look at how much our group has grown!

There was a super fun surprise for everyone - Mr. Rusty came with his tractor to give everyone a hay ride during trick-or-treating.  It was so nice, and everyone absolutely loved it!

Loading up all the kiddos!

All of the moms rode in the hayride, and all of the #dadsquad followed behind.

Our pirate family!

I love that Ben got to do Halloween with us!

Our #momsquad for this year!  All of these ladies are so much fun!

LL and Case have been in the same class together since Kindergarten.  She loved having him there to hang out with!

Darla and Nemo!

The plus side of two kids?  One kid, one parent.  ;)

When Cooper abandoned his hat, it just became and extra accessory for Matt.

My extra accessory?  A baby!  Haha.  I loved getting some Millie snuggles in!

Carter riding up front in the tractor was the cutest thing.

Halloween 2016!

Thanks so much to the Parker's for hosting - Halloween 2016 was epic!

You can look back at our past Halloweens here:


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