Monday, June 12, 2017

May Randoms

I typically don't do "Random" posts in the summer since everything is pretty much covered in our weekly posts.  Since we had school for most of May, this will be our last "randoms" post until school starts back in August!  Here is all of the stuff from May that didn't make it into a post by itself:

This girl and I were counting down the days until the end of school!

Teacher appreciation week was the first week in May, and I enjoyed so many treats from my principal!  Typically, this week isn't really recognized, so it was nice for it to be acknowledged all week long!

LL wrote this entire paragraph about her best friend, Maddie.  It was so sweet!  This is something we saved for sure!

Matt is such a sweet, loving daddy!  He spent one evening painting LL's fingers and toes for her!

Another teacher appreciation gift - a Blarney muffin!

My birthday was at the beginning of May (the 2nd), and we had plans to go out to dinner.  We went by to pick up Cooper, and Grammy and Pop had a surprise - Cooper helped them make cupcakes for me!

An early dinner at my favorite place -Chicken Salad Chick - with my favorite people!

When we got home, the kids and Daddy had a surprise for me.  They had decorated AND attacked me with silly string!  It was honestly so cute and fun.

Publix cake is my favorite!

A sticker in my birthday card!
Matt took this picture of Cooper and his dad one day.  If you look at Pop's face, he has the sweetest smile.  These two are buddies!

Matt picked this out for my birthday - ha!  So perfect!

"Aspyn has fwoppy ears"

The day after my birthday held an even bigger surprise - a new car for me!!  Matt and I met at the dealership during my planning time, and test drove it and started the process.  I left to go back to class, and Matt stayed and finished everything out.  After school, LL and I went by to drop off the old car and pick up the new one!

  We said goodbye to "The Beast"!

And hello to "The Beast 2.0"!!

I LOVE it!

SO EXCITED for my new car!!!!

Another teacher appreciation day!  Yes - between teacher appreciation and my birthday, I did gain weight - haha.

Cooper brought this home from school and it literally made me laugh.  "Yesterday, I ate just a poptart" - hahahaha.  I asked him what the picture was, and he said it was him and his poptart!  :)

Aspyn was watching TV!

Still working on my goal of reading 100 books this year!  This one was not my favorite.

One Saturday, LL had a pool party for a friend from school.  I wasn't feeling great, so I stayed home and Matt took her.  Maddie was there, so LL was as happy as can be!

There were other kids there, I promise - haha.

More silly string showed up this month!  This time, Uncle Bryan was the victim.

So sweet - sleeping and snuggled with my bear from childhood.

Book #31 for the year - so good!

How every teacher feels the last week of school - haha.

LL randomly drew this on a napkin and left it on the kitchen counter - haha.

We went to DQ one night for ice cream to celebrate LL's last report card of the year which was full of all A's!!

Book #32 was also very good!

I still had post-planning for a few days after the kids were done, so they enjoyed some pool time at Gigi's!

Mother's Day!

My greatest accomplishment in life is being a Mommy to these two kiddos!

First zucchini from our garden!

Snuggles with Koko's!

My monogram pineapple is on - now she feels like my car!  I'm telling you, living on a dirt road is a pain with keeping a car clean!

More zucchini!

That's a wrap for May!


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