Monday, April 16, 2018

Bunny Hop 2018

It's crazy, but this was our fifth and final time going to the Bunny Hop at Cooper's school!  We started when LL was in the 3 year old class, and now we're ending with Cooper in the 4 year old class!  The preschool that they both have gone to does one big fundraiser a year, and that is the Bunny Hop in March.  They have a pancake breakfast, games, a bake sale, class "baskets" for sale, bouncy houses, and a big egg hunt.  The kids always love it and have a blast!

The lobby of the preschool just got a huge (gorgeous) renovation, and these cute turtles outside are a new addition.  They looked even cuter with their bunny ears!

Funny enough, Cooper wanted a picture with the bunny and LL wanted nothing to do with him.  Typically, its the other way around.

One of the games they did was a cute little bunny hop race.

Our last family Bunny Hop picture!

Oh, how this boy has my heart!

The egg hunt areas are divided up by age, so Matt took LL to her area and I went with Cooper.  This boy was ready to go!

Keeping his eye on a golden egg he wanted!

Last year, he would only get blue eggs and ended up with only about 3.  Thankfully this year he grabbed all colors and got a little more!

A full basket success!

Lorelai and Luke got to hunt together in the big kid area!

It's so funny to me how all kids will just run past eggs on their way to get others!

We ended our time with a few trips down the slide before it started raining!

Coming to the end of a era!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

February Randoms

Whew!  February was a busy month!  We had LL's birthday, the Father/Daughter Dance, my trip to Vegas - there was a lot going on!  Even still, there were quite a few things that didn't manage to make it into a post on their own:

 What We've Been Up To:
90% of the time these two fight non-stop and I want to pull my hair out...and then moments like this happen all on their own and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad!

Taking his "happy morning" picture with Falcon.  ;)

LL got a slime making kit for her birthday and it has been a favorite activity for both kids!

Thumbs up for a good day!

My boys in the drop-off line!  We're winding down the days of Daddy doing drop-off anymore!

5 years ago, this kid was in my stomach - how?!

Matt took this series of pictures one morning and it absolutely cracks me up because it's soooo Cooper!

LL got several fingerlings for her birthday, and she was sweet enough to give Cooper one.  "Johnny" now goes with us a lot of places.

Time for a big boy haircut!

Our town got an escape room place about a year ago, and I have been dying to go.  We finally went one night for a girl's night, and it was soooo my jam!  I loved it (and have actually been back since), and I am so proud to say that we got out with 3 minutes to spare!

Two cute kids ready for church!

With alllll the Valentine's candy the kids got, they both love Fun Dips the most.  Which are my worst nightmare as a parent.

Both kids made super sweet Valentine's for their teachers.  These were Cooper's:

I wasn't able to make it to Cooper's class Valentine's Party, so Grammy and Pop went in my place.  Thankfully they took lots of pictures for us while they were there!

Cooper's teacher loves frogs, so frog decorations are everywhere!

Cooper loves Mrs. Tish!

The kids hung this sign on Grammy and Pop's door: No Dirty Man Allowed - haha.

LL got to spend some time with Gigi while I was in Vegas (and Daddy was working).

This conversation happened before I left on my trip.  He'll probably feel this way the rest of his life, huh?
The kids went to the park while I was on my trip, and Grammy sent me this picture.  But I'm just now noticing - what in the world is going on with Cooper's arm?!

Watching a movie and snuggling a dog.

I missed two workouts while I was on my trip (although walking 26 miles in three days is quite a workout), so I was super happy to be back in the gym when I got home! 

I also had a haircut scheduled for when I got back!

This.  Is.  Me.

Gigi and Poppy bought this fun swing to hang from an oak tree in their front yard.  The kids love it!

Cooper insisted on wearing a bow tie to school for picture day - and he looked so so handsome!

We were doing yard work outside one day and found a baby turtle in our front flower bed!  The kids played with him for hours!

They played - I pulled weeds - haha.

Instead of a big birthday party this year, LL wanted to invite over some of her best friends to spend the day.  They played in her room, we went to a pizza/game place for lunch, and we made slime.  Then, one of the girls stayed and spent the night.  LL was in Heaven!

Cooper had a special visitor come to his school this month - the Tooth Fairy!

Cooper absolutely loves to bake.  This month, we tried out a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

The new recipe is a winner.  They were amazing!

Both kids had some dress up days at school this month for Dr. Seuss week.  Cooper was all about Wacky Day!

The park is his happy place.

I found this shirt for Cooper and it's probably my favorite ever.  #beastmode

While LL had her birthday party with her friends, Daddy and Cooper went and did boy things and went fishing!  Cooper caught fish, but wouldn't hold them - haha.  So he took the pictures of Daddy holding them.

A pretty good haul!

Silly Sock day at school.

Cooper wanted to go allll out for Green Day!

Aspyn is so good to these kids!

What I've Been Wearing:

Fitness/What I've Been Eating:
This was something new I tried this month that I really liked: a baked sweet potato with bbq pulled chicken on top.

I've really been working on upping my protein.  It's not easy, and I don't always do great, but getting 79g in this day was awesome!

This also another favorite go-to meal: whole wheat english muffin with vanilla almond butter and egg whites.  So good and so full of protein!

And almost the same, but I sometimes substitute the egg whites for a banana.  Also amazing!

More of the sweet potato/bbq chicken combo!

That's a wrap for February!