Friday, March 3, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day isn't a holiday that we got all out for.  This year, it did turn out to be a little more festive than it usually is for us, and we all enjoyed it!

First up, I was an absolute crazy person who decided to make cookies for the kids to give to their friends as their Valentine's treat.   And I made some cookies for my coworkers.  And I made cookies for the kids' teachers. 200 cookies later - I was exhausted and over baking!

Starting the week with pink for V-Day!

Valentine's Day morning, I woke up to a fun surprise - I won a giveaway from Sheaffer!  Woohoo!

Dressed and ready for school!

My principal bought everyone a heart shaped biscuit from Chik-Fil-A for breakfast, and I couldn't turn it down!

This heart breaker was ready for school.  #modelstatus

Oma and Opa went to Cooper's class party to celebrate with him.  They took some pictures for me so that I could feel like I was there, too.

Chill mode.

Showing Opa the cars.  #priorities

Gigi and Poppy went to LL's school for her class party.  And ya'll.  Poppy brought her a single white rose.  I'm not big on all these kids getting crazy things for Valentine's Day at school (no joke - it is INSANE what parents send to school on V-Day), but this just melted my heart.  It was so thoughtful and precious!

Gigi and Poppy checked LL out of school after her party, and she got to go play at their house for the afternoon!

LL's school had a Valentine's store for a few days, and we gave her some money to spend on one condition - she could buy something for herself, but she also had to buy something for someone else (teacher, friend, grandparent, anyone).  She came to me that afternoon and she had bought me this rose!  That girl has such a sweet heart!  I put it on my desk at school where I can see it every day.

All day, Matt sent me Trump Valentine's memes - it had me absolutely cracking up.

Matt picked up both kids, so I went home and got their presents all set up.

My Valentines!

My V-day gift to Matt?  I stopped by and picked him up some Blarney muffins on the way home.  Ya'll.  There is this restaurant in Adel that makes these, and I kid you not when I tell you that they are (hands down) the best dessert I have ever had.  Calling them a muffin doesn't do them justice, and neither does saying that they're "good".  They are life changing.

My other Valentine's are cute and sweet, but this one is my favorite.  :)

Biggest shocker of the day was when one of my students brought me a dozen (HUGE!) chocolate covered strawberries.

They are my favorite and such a treat!

LL bought me that sweet rose, and Cooper came home with this for me:

LOVE IT!  It was such a fun day telling my favorite people how much I loved them!


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