Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer - Week 1+

Summer is finally here and I am so excited to be back to my weekly summer recaps!  I did these last year, and I loved it!  So here we are - kicking off the weekly posts with Week #1.  This week is actually just a little bit longer than a week.  The kids got out of school for summer a few days before I did, so this includes their time out before me.  Here we go!


For the 4 days that I was still in school and the kids were not, they went several different places (between the grandparents' houses).  Sometimes they were together, sometimes they were apart.  But no matter what, they were having fun!

Cooper had fun kicking off his summer by swimming at Gigi's!

He also climbed Buckey (what the kids named my mom's fig tree in her yard).

And he always loves sitting on Poppy's old tractor!

LL also had fun swimming at Gigi's.

Matt went by Oma and Opa's house one day at lunch time, and he found the three of them sitting outside and eating lunch.  How sweet is this??

The new pull-n-peel twizzlers are my favorite thing.  Cooper is now learning the same joy!

Originally, I was supposed to work this day, but my work day got cancelled.  The kids already had plans to go to Wild Adventures with Gigi and Poppy.  They kept their plans, and I cleaned the house in preparation for our beach trip.

The kids were having a blast at Wild Adventures!

They all 4 went into the bird house, but Cooper was not having it.  He and Poppy left, but LL could have stayed in there with Gigi for a long time!

I absolutely adore this picture.

Two happy kids!

We hit the road on Saturday for our family beach trip in Destin!  You can read all about day 1 here.

Day two at the beach was filled with sand, sun, water, and some alligators!  You can read all about it here.

Monday was another fun-filled beach day!  We had fun playing on our last full day!  You can read all about it here.

Pretty early on Tuesday morning we began the journey home.  When we got home, we spent the rest of the day picking up the dogs, doing laundry, and relaxing!

Wednesday we started our day with Cooper's swim lessons!  He has taken them for several years now, and this year he's just doing a 3 week refresher course.

Waiting his turn!

I spent nap time doing some blogging and then some reading.  I'm still working on my goal of reading 100 books this year!

When Matt got home from work, he had a surprise for me!  There's a house down the road from us that plants sunflowers every year right next to the road.  When they bloom, they put up a sign encouraging people to stop and pick them.  It is so sweet to me, and it makes me smile to have some random acts of kindness in my house!

Dressy casual - haha.

After bath time, we had some chill movie time.  Everyone was happy to be home!

We kicked off Thursday with swim lessons again!

After swim lessons, I dropped the kids off to spend the night with Grammy and Pop.  Matt and I had a retirement party to go to that evening, so the kids stayed the night away.  After I dropped them off, I headed to the gym.

My workout kicked my butt this day.  Not my best!

That afternoon we headed to the military base for a retirement ceremony.  Andre is the dad of Cooper's little girlfriend (Malaya) from school.  We've been friends with them for a few years now, and we were honored to be invited to his retirement!

A few hours after the ceremony, we met up with Andre and all of his friends for his party.  Let's just say - it was very different from the types of parties we're used to!  Even so, we still had a blast having some adult time and just hanging out.

It was mostly Andre's military friends, so we didn't know many people.  Thankfully, Kayla and Andrew were there, too, so we had friends to talk to!

Sweet Malaya was there and kept asking where Cooper was - it was so sweet.  I got in snuggles with her when I could!

Friday morning the kids went to Chik-Fil-A for breakfast with Grammy and Pop.

Grammy and Pop didn't want us to come and pick the kids up until the afternoon, so I spent the whole day.....doing nothing!  It was amazing!  I started a new series on Netflix (The Following) so I was in heaven just binging the first season of that!

Our cat is not typically very cuddly, but she must be in some dire need of attention to do this!

Saturday morning we loaded the kids up and headed to my mom's house for a morning swimming in the pool!  Well - they swam.  Matt and I are very much enjoying the fact that both kids are finally big enough that we don't have to get in the pool with them.  They're pretty self sufficient!

All those years of swim lessons paid off - this girl can do a mean starfish!

 After naps, the kids went outside to play with water balloons!

 I'm pretty sure this one was the target for a good bit of their water balloon war - haha.

Summer treat for the chickens!

I started some super healthy eating to combat the 1.5 lbs that I gained at the beach!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to church!  After church, we played on the playground for about half an hour (their reward for good behavior at church).  They love having so many kids to play with - especially Luke and Logan!

Luke and Lorelai forever ;)
I hope these two grow up to be as good of friends as their mommy's are!

For dinner, I cooked some spaghetti for the other three - noodles for the kids, zoodles for Matt.

Then I made an acai bowl for me!

That's a wrap for week 1!


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