Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Three Things

Taking a page from Andrea's book, I thought I'd share three things about each of us right now:

1- This boy is currently obsessed with all things super hero.  Dressing like the, watching them on TV, playing with super hero toys - you name it, he does it!  He loves them so much that we're in the process of slowly changing his room over to a super hero theme!

2-  Since birth, Cooper has always just taken longer to do things.  Longer to sleep through the night, longer to walk, longer to talk, longer to potty-train.  Everything.  Well, that means that we've also taken longer to hit our "hard" stage.  We didn't have terrible twos.  We didn't have trying threes.  We're having Freak-Out Fours.  Or Frustrating Fours.  Something.  Either way - it's not easy.  We are at the separation anxiety stage, the night time fear stage, and the pitching fits and/or crying stage.  It's not fun, but we're going to just love him through it!

3-  This boy is rocking out his potty-training.  Finally.  He still will have the occasional accident, but they are super rare.  It almost killed us, but we have finally reached the end of the tunnel!!  He's also been doing well on the sleep-training.  He is dry after naps 100% of the time, and he stays dry through the night about 90% of the time.  We'll be ditching the pull-ups completely here within the next month or so.  Praise the Lord!

 1- This little girl is killing 2nd grade.  She absolutely loves it, and it makes me so happy.  Now don't get me wrong, some of the work (which is EPICALLY HARD, btw) has been hard for her, and she's really had to work on it.  I think we've all shed a few tears over 2nd grade math (Bless - math doesn't come easy for me or Matt, so she gets it honest.  Math modeling, anyone??  **Matt**cough**Matt**).  But more important than anything, she is happy.  She loves her teacher.  She loves her classmates.  She loves her friends.  2nd grade is being good to her!

2- I got a super sweet message from her teacher letting me know just how kind LL is at school.  It was completely out of nowhere, and her teacher went out of the way to send it, and it just made my Momma heart so happy.  She said that LL is kind and such an encourager to her classmates.  Grades are good, but kindness is what matters.  

3- Over the past year, LL has really become an adventurous little eater!  She will try practically anything, and she's really finding some new things that she absolutely loves!  (pistachios, steak, and salsa to name a few!)  I love that she will at least give something a go before she decides if she likes it or not (instead of just judging it based on what it looks like).

1- Matt has already started to think and plan our garden this year.  He's been out doing some work in that area of the yard in preparation, and he's mentioned doing quite a few new things this year.  I'm excited to see what he and the kids come up with, and for all of the yummy (organic!) food that they'll grow!

2-He is also doing really well at work!  We were soooo hoping to get top 10 again this year so that we could get a free trip to San Diego.  He had been working so hard for it all year.  Then, at the last minute, it just didn't happen.  We were both sad (and probably both cried about it a little--or a lot), but we've come to a place of peace about it - haha.  That being said, he had his absolute best year ever with Mediacom, so we really can't complain.  I feel like he's really hit his stride with work.  He has figured this job out, he knows how to work best for himself, and he is killing it.  And loving it.  That's all you can ask for, right?

3- We got Matt a new truck a few years ago, and he's spent the last few months really getting it how he wants it.  He's added a few things to it (think bull bar/tool box/ etc), but he's also been doing something (I can't even tell you what), to turn everything black.  His truck is black, but now everything is black.  I like the blackout look, and he did a really good job on it!
1- This school year is flying by for me.  I can't believe were in Q3 and basically on the downhill slide for the end of the year.  I absolutely love my batch of kids this year (I love them all, but some want to make me retire immediately and some make me think I can do this - haha), and so I've had a blast teaching them.  I have some truly funny kids, and while they do keep me on my toes, they aren't making me pull my hair out.  I am so happy to be really enjoying my school year.

2- I am starting to get into summer planning mode!  We are already saving for our summer vacations, so that means I'm already starting to think about our trips.  A few summers ago, we decided to go to a different beach every year.  Two years ago, we went to St. Augustine and St. George Island.  Then last year, we went to Ormond Beach and Panama City.  This year, I'm wanting to stay on the Gulf Coast (PCB was soooo pretty), but I'm not sure where the best place to go is.  Any ideas for a Gulf beach that isn't more than a 4 hours drive??

3- I have been trying to re-vamp my wardrobe lately and purge the crap.  I decided I need to get rid of the stuff that I tolerate, and replace it with nicer things that I absolutely love.  It is a slow process (Hello!  Nice, cute clothes are expensive!), but I'm literally taking it one piece at a time.  I'm enjoying finding new things, and I like being able to wear things that I really like.


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Miranda said...

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have gorgeous white sand and blue water! Not sure how far it is from the Valdosta area, but it is about an hour from Destin, which is also pretty, just more touristy.