Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

I had Columbus Day (it was a Monday) off from school.  Emily is a member of a play group and I went with her to several activities (the Firestation, the Splash Park) with her this summer.  That same play group was all going to the Corn Maze in Hahira on Columbus Day, and Emily invited me to tag along.  I was completely for it because I figured that LL would have a BLAST.  They had a grain silo filled with corn kernels for the kids to play in, a huge PVC Pipe slide (that didn't work too well for the little little's), a hay ride, and the corn maze.  We had a good 30 + minutes to just hang around before the hay ride and the kids had a blast running around and playing.

How cute is this??
Buddies!  :)

Playing in the corn

Time to slide!

Then we went on the hay ride (which LL was TERRIFIED of before it started, but then ended up LOVING it) and then we did the corn maze.  I guess I just didn't think about it very well, but to have such a small child and such a BIG corn maze wasn't exactly the best idea.  Not to mention that it was very hot by this point and that there were ants EVERYWHERE.  We did a little bit of the corn maze, but then the kids were done (LL kept asking for me to hold her) so Emily and I just walked through corn until we were out.  We had a really good time, LL was exhausted when we left, and I'm happy that we went!
Holding hands!

Lunch time!

The Honey Bee Festival - 2010

A couple of weekends ago was a crazy busy, but crazy fun weekend for us!  (I know, I'm mega behind on blogging, but my goal is to be completely caught up by next weekend).  I ended up taking a Friday off because Matt's mom was going on a trip to Tennessee and I needed to watch LL.  Mom took the day off, too, and we spent the whole thing getting ready for a baby shower that we were throwing the next day for Meghan.  We started the day off right, though - at Chik-Fil-A.  I'm always down for eating there, and LL had a BLAST playing on all of the playground equipment.

I was at the top to help her go down the slide, and Gigi was at the bottom to help her when she got out.

She LOVED it!

Trying to go back up.....
I had to get down somehow!
Her first time actually riding in the buggy part of a grocery cart.  She really liked it!

The next day we had Meghan's shower in the morning, and then headed off to the Honey Bee Festival in the afternoon after LL's nap.  This has been one of our traditions every year.  I used to march in the parade in highschool, Matt and I used to take Lola when we were first married, and now we go with LL.  It's usually extremely hot, beyond crowded, and pretty miserable - but we love every second of it.  This post will be mostly pictures of our day, so here we go!
She LOVES riding horses, just like her mommy!
She finally held on all by herself instead of holding on to me!

The boys and their gyros.
I tried one for the first time and it was actually AMAZING!

Georgeous Girl
Honey Bee Festival 2009            Honey Bee Festival 2010