Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Trip to Atlanta

My sister moved into her new house the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Matt and I went up that weekend to help her get all moved in, but we didn't take the kids with us.  Laura and Gino wanted us to come back closer to Christmas with the kids so that they could see the house and so we could spend some time together before Christmas.  Last year, LL and I came up the weekend before Christmas with Gigi, so I think coming up right before Christmas is becoming a tradition!  

I had a half day at school on Friday (technically LL did, too, but we didn't send her), so Matt and the kids met me at school at 11:30 and we hit the road as soon as my school kids loaded the bus!

We saw a trolley being towed on the interstate - it was an interesting thing to see!

Seriously,  traveling through McDonough is my least favorite part of the drive.  No matter what day of the week or time of day we go through, we always hit stopped traffic.  I do not understand!  It drives me insane!

We got there about 4:00 on Friday.  Laura and Gino made a super yummy lasagna for dinner, and we just hung out at the house letting the kids play together.

Now that Laura and Gino have a zillion bedrooms in their new house, we put both of our kids in the same room (that's what works best for them).  They talked for a while, but it was so precious once they went to sleep!


We didn't have a lot planned for Saturday (which was nice), but I woke up feeling awful (which wasn't so nice).  Matt let me sleep in for a little bit since I wasn't feeling good.  I didn't mind snuggling on the couch and looking at the tree, though!

The kids needed to get out of the house and burn some energy off, so we bundled them up (it was super cold) to go on some walking trails near the house.  Since I wasn't feeling so hot, I stayed behind in the warm house, but Matt did a good job taking pictures for me.  :)

They walked to this cool old bridge (the kids loved it).

My boy!  He will never complain about the cold as long as he gets to be outside!

These kids were so happy to be together!

After nap time, we decided to get out of the house.  Ben has been to several skating parties, but neither of our kids has ever been skating, so we decided to try it out!  Cooper was not a fan, but LL was so determined to figure it out (she gets that strong will from her momma!).  She didn't have the easiest time with it, but she never gave up and she semi-figured it out before we left!

Here are some videos of skating:
LL skating - part 1
LL skating - part 2
LL finally getting the hang of it! - part 3

Aren't these little walker things hilarious?  They were a big help, though!

Cooper tried skating for a minute, did not love it, and spent the rest of the time watching with me.

After skating, we went to Your Pie for dinner.  LL and I had been last year with Gigi and Aunt Laura, but Matt and Cooper have never been.  I love it - it's such a cool restaurant.  Think of it like a subway for pizza - you order and individual size pizza, they have a million toppings to choose from, and then they bake it to order.  It's awesome!

It's really cute because they give the kids some of the raw pizza dough to play with.  Here's a video of Cooper "making" his pizza.

Ready for some pizza!

LL got her fav - pepperoni and mushroom.

My boys!

That night, the kids wore their matching pj's and we took some pictures in front of the tree.  Look at these little elves!

Sometimes it just melts my heart the way he looks at her.

We got a good picture of the 5 of us to give Gigi for her birthday - spoiler, she loved it!

Best way to spend an evening on vacation.


Quite a few weeks ago, we made plans to go to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain.  They highly suggest that you pre-purchase your tickets because there is a limited amount of spots for each time slot.  We decided on Sunday morning at 9am thinking that it might be a lot less crowded due to church.  Well, I was stressing because all week it showed an 80% chance of storms on Sunday (and they do not issue refunds - so dumb!)   Well, we got super lucky and it ended up being warmer on Sunday that then rest of the trip (like 65 degrees instead of 45), and it only drizzled for about 15 minutes!  It was perfect!

Ready to play in some snow!

There's no one else that I'd rather get caught under the mistletoe with!

We drive right by Stone Mountain every time we come up, but my kids have never seen it up close.  They loved it!

At Snow Mountain they have three activities - a family tubing, individual tubing, and a snow area.  We decided to hit up the family tubing first.  Ya'll - it was way faster (and more steep) than I anticipated!  It was fun, but I was a little nervous about it, I won't lie!  Our picture was pretty funny - I think we were all a little shocked!

After the family tubing, we spent some time doing the individual tubing.  Here are some videos:
Cooper tubing. (he's spinning so much - it's hysterical)
Another view of Cooper's tubing - and me not able to stop laughing at him spinning.  So.  Cute.

Next, we moved on to playing in the snow!  This is the first time the kids have seen anything like this and they loved it!

Off he goes!

My favorite guy.

Matt's attempt at a snow (ice) angel.  Here's a video of the kids playing and Matt trying to make his snow angel.

LL's snow man.  :)

In the snow area, they had another (waaaay smaller) tubing station set up that was geared towards smaller kids.  Ours still had a blast going down it a few times!  Here's a video of the kids going down.

It started drizzling a little, so we decided to do some more tubing until it passed (they don't close the tubing unless it's pouring/lightening).  Our pictures from the two tubing rides crack me up!

Everyone screaming!

Riding the moving sidewalk up the mountain!

That night we hit up Red Robbin for dinner and then got some froyo - it was a perfect day!


Ben still had school until Wednesday (what?!), so we hung out around the house until after Matt got off of a work call (he still worked on Monday).  Laura had this virtual reality box that you use with your cell phone.  Cooper liked playing with it without the cell phone and seeing his eyes through it cracked me up.

This made me laugh!

After Matt's call, we hit the road to come back home.  I'm glad it wasn't a super quick trip and that we were able to fit in so many fun things!  It was a great way to kick of Christmas break!

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