Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Recap: Matt's 20-year reunion

This weekend we've had planned for quite a while because it was Matt's 20-year highschool reunion.  And that is quite possibly the craziest sentence that I have ever written.  They have been planning this for a long time, and Matt has been really pumped to go.  We went to his 10-year reunion, but I was pregnant with LL then and he wasn't in a good place with his work situation, so we ended up not going to all of the festivities and he has really regretted that over the last 10 years.  This time, he wanted to make sure that we participated in all of the activities and that he got to reconnect with the people that he graduated with.

Friday night was a meet-up at the highschool football game.  We honestly haven't been to a Lowndes game since LL was like 4 years old!

I saw this picture of the stadium Friday night posted to social media and I just love it!  There's just something special about Friday night lights!
{photo cred Jay Blanton and The Georgia Photography Fanatic}

While we were at the play, LL got to go to a play with Gigi.  Going to plays together is their "thing" and LL has been looking forward to this for weeks!

Saturday afternoon there was a picnic at the park with all of the alumni.  We went to that with the kids, but I ended up taking no pictures while we were there.  I was too busy watching two kids in a crowded park - haha.  But we all had a good time!

That night, we had the Cocktail dinner from 6-11, so we got dressed all fancy to have another kid-free night!  (Two in a row?  Who are we?)

No way does this handsome guy look like he has been out of highschool for 20 years!

Matt graduating class were seniors when I was in 8th grade.  Thankfully, I know quite a few people that he graduated with.  It makes for a much more enjoyable evening when I know a good bit of the people that are there, too.  Matt and Christina and Amanda were good friends in highschool, and we still see both of them on a pretty regular basis!

Winning prizes!

They had a photobooth (and props), and we can't pass up a cheezy pun opportunity when we see one.  Wait for it....
Batman and Robyn

One thing the night was not lacking was energy and a little chaos!

Chris and I were both there doing our spously duties - haha.  

The photobooth was a hit and was a good source of entertainment!

We didn't get home until almost 1 am (which never happens), but still managed to make it to the early service at church!  After we got home from church, Matt and I tried to talk the kids into some "quiet time" before lunch.  It didn't work - haha.

I had to run to Publix for some things for this week, and I saw this.  Does anyone remember this from our elementary school years??  What's crazy is that I was literally just talking about this to a friend a work this week, and then saw it on a display at Publix!  I literally haven't seen this since I was like 9 years old!  I can't pass up a chance to try it again.

Another huge perk of living in a neighborhood in town now?  Pizza delivery!  At our old house, we lived too far out to get pizza delivered!  We went 11 years with no pizza delivery.  I'll let that sink in.

By Sunday night, I was dragging.  I rarely cop out on cooking dinner, but I just had no energy.  This was my version of cooking.  Fed is best, right?  Haha.

Ending the weekend with some Go Fish...

...and some wrestling! (Or "russling" as Cooper calls it).

I went into the weekend not really wanting to do all of the reunion hoopla, but Matt and I both ended up seriously having so much stinking fun.  It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend Recap: Labor Day!

With a full month of school under our belts, we were ready for Labor Day and a long weekend!  Friday, Grammy picked the kids up from school as a special treat, and Matt and I took that time to go on a mini-date for dinner and ice cream!  Our town opened up a new Mexican place a few months ago that we are absolutely obsessed with (seriously - we ate there three times in August).  We ate dinner there and then got some ice cream from DQ!

We had a rough night with LL Friday night (it happens randomly), so I was up for hours during the night with her.  Matt tried to let me sleep in on Saturday, but that didn't really work out either.  We all got up and moving and ready for the gym.  Now that school is in more of a routine, I really want to get my gym routine back also!

I got to work out about 20 minutes longer than I normally do, and it felt amazing!

Our public library was closed all summer long (isn't that crazy?!).  They built a new location and literally spent all summer moving.  I think they re-opened the Saturday before school started.  The kids and I typically live at the library in the summer, so we were really bummed about this!  We haven't had a change to go since it re-opened, so we went on Saturday.  It wasn't crowded at all and the new building is so nice!

We spent the afternoon grocery shopping, cleaning out my car, and doing chores.  With Matt's new job, we both only get paid once a month, so I'm having to re-vamp our entire budge and how/when we spend.  This also affects our normal grocery shopping habits, so we tried something new this month.  It took a lot of prep-work and a ton of time and organization, but I'm hoping it will work out and pay off!

I get email updates about events in Jacksonville since we've been there several times for things (Avengers Live, Disney on Ice, etc).  I got an email about Moster Jam being in Jacksonville this weekend.  Matt and I couldn't really decided if we wanted to take the kids or not.  My sister and her family were coming in town this weekend, so we asked if they wanted to go.  We figured if they did, we would.  And if they didn't, we wouldn't.  They did, so we hit the road around 4:00 to head down there for the 7:00 show.

Can you see our lunchboxes packed with dinner and pillows for the late night drive home?  #prepared

I got us the cheapest seats available, and they actually turned out to be really great seats!

This guy is always game for my crazy ideas, and I love him even more for it!

I knew that LL would enjoy the show, but I knew that Cooper would absolutely lose his mind.  We showed them videos before we went, and he was so pumped (they both were)!

Eating a pretzel and hanging with Uncle Gino.  :)

The Mullican 4 ready for the show!

The set-up for the night.

Literally as soon as it started Cooper was just beyond excited.  He was living his best life for sure!

Both kids loved it when the trucks actually tipped over and the tractor had to come and flip them over!

He used his spending money to buy trucks (duh).

LL and Ben did, too!

LL is such a good sport to hang with the boys when we do boy things!

The show started at 7.  Both kids typically go to bed at 7:30 (8:00 on the weekends), but this was Cooper when the show was still going on at 9:15 - haha.

We made it to the car about 9:45, and both kids were out almost instantly.  This is a small miracle because they both very very rarely sleep in the car!

We got back home around midnight Saturday night, so both kids slept in until 8:00 the next morning.  (All the praise hands!) . We went to both Gigi and Poppy's and Oma and Opa's to see them and Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben.  We came home that afternoon to get our weekend chores done around the house.

One of the reasons that I'm so glad that we moved to a neighborhood is the opportunity for our kids.  Our next door neighbors have a 6 year old little boy.  We didn't get to meet him this summer, because his parents are Romanian and he spent the summer in Europe with his grandparents.  He and Cooper have been starting to play more, and the came over on Sunday and played in the playroom for a few hours!

Also-dont' judge our playroom.  We clean it on Sunday nights as a "re-set" and then let the kids just play in it through the week.  By Sunday afternoon, it's looking pretty rough!

We came to an allowance agreement with LL not long ago with chores around the house.  Her first pay day was Sunday!

Mondays are always better when we don't have work and school!  We enjoyed being lazy (and snuggling in bed).

We weren't lazy for too long, though.  I've got to fit in gym time when I can!

We spent most of Monday at home, and Cooper's friend next door came over to see if Cooper wanted to come play for a little while.  His dad sent us this sweet picture!

We had a good balance over our long weekend of fun, chores, getting rest, and staying busy!