Friday, September 28, 2012

Outside Pictures

The other day we took Cooper outside for a little impromptu photo shoot.  The weather was beautiful, we actually had a little shade in the yard, and Coop was in a great mood.  I got some similar pics of LL outside when she was about 9 weeks old, so I was trying to recreate that same "feel".  Ignore the wet spot on his onesie at the top - such is life with a baby!























Any favorites?  I love all of these and how they capture his personality!  I for sure think that he's going to love being outside just like his sister!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cooper - 3 Months Old!!

My big boy is now a whopping three months old!  ;)  Time is going SO FAST and I'm sad to say that I'll be heading back to work next week.  While I'm sad (and nervous) to leave him, I also feel SO BLESSED to have stayed home with him for this long!

Here's how Cooper is doing compared to the milestones in What to Expect the First Year:

Weight: I'm guessing between 15-16 lbs.
Diapers: Size 2
Clothes: Still some 0-3 months, all of his 3 months, and a lot of his 3-6 months.  I'll be washing all of his 6 month stuff this week!

Schedule:  We're still on the 3.5 hour schedule.

7:00 - 7:15 up for the day/eat
8:00 -8:30 down for a nap
10:30 eat
11:30 down for a nap
2:00 eat
3:00-3:15 down for nap
5:00 - 5:30 up to eat
6:30ish cat nap with Mommy or Daddy snuggling him
7:40 bath
8:00 bottle and straight to bed
2:00 or 3:00 eat

Cooper can do all of the things that a three month old baby should be able to do:
-on stomach, lift head up 45 degrees

Cooper can do all of the things that a three month old baby will probably be able to do:
-laugh out loud (he's still working on it - it's more like a dog panting - but he's trying!)
-on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees
-squeal in delight (I LOVE this!)
-bring both hands together
-smile spontaneously
-follow an object held about 6 inches above his face and follow it 180 degrees

Cooper can do some of the things that a three month old may possibly be able to do:
-hold head steady when upright
-roll over (one way) [he actually can go both ways!]

There are three things that Cooper can not do from the "may possibly" section:
-on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms
-grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers
-pay attention to an object as small as a raisin (again - I just haven't tried this one!)

Cooper can do some of the things that a three month old baby may even be able to do:
-bear some weight on legs when held upright
-keep head level with body when pulled to sitting
-turn in the direction of a voice, particularly mommy's
-say "ah-goo" or similar vowel-consonant combinations
-razz (make a wet razzing sound)

Cooper does not do one thing from the "may even be able to" section:
-reach for an object

My little man sure is growing!

LL and Cooper at 3 months