Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer - Week 4

Our 4th week of summer was from June 12 - June 18.  Here's what we were up to!

Monday morning we had Cooper's next-to-last swim lesson.  After his lesson was over, we went by the library.  On the way in, both kids found rocks!  They were so excited!

You gotta sit down and take a rest when your big sister takes forever to pick out her books.  ;)

I started my 38th book for the year!  I'm actually still reading this.  It's taking me a while, but I'm really liking it.

After naps, we snuck in just a little bit of pool time before the rain rolled in!

After dinner and bath time, this boy and I spent some time in the kitchen baking some cookies.  Cooper absolutely loves to help in the kitchen - he says he's going to be a chef when he grows up.  We might have found him a little chef's coat and hat for his birthday.  :)

Tuesday was probably LL's happiest day of the summer - she was going to spend the entire day with her best friend Maddie.  Maddie moved to a different school last year, so LL doesn't get to see her as much as she would like to.  She's got a bookbag full of toys and she also took all of the toys on the floor.  Can you tell she was excited??

That meant I had a day alone with this handsome boy!  He built this awesome car out of his magnatiles.

Me, Cooper, and Kayla met up for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick, and then we all went right next door for Cooper's dentist appointment.

He's a pro at it by now!

I got this picture from Maddie's mom during the day.  It was a pretty nasty day, so she took the girls to a local pottery place to paint a piece of pottery.  LL talked about how much she loved it when she got home!

This boy and I had a fun day running errands with KK's!

Wednesday was Cooper's last swim lesson of the year!  He did so well!  Here's a video of him on his last day going down to get rings and then coming up to do a starfish.

We love Mrs. Margie!!

After naps, we went over to Clint and Sarah's house to play with them and eat dinner.  We hopped in the pool first just in case it was going to rain.  It never did, but it did look like it for a little while.

Susanna is a bubble loving girl!

After the pool, all of the kids rode/ran/played outside for a little while - they just got to be kids!

And sometimes the adults acted like kids, too.  ;)

Susanna wasn't sure of me at first, but my persistence paid off, and we were bff's before the night was over!

Andrew took this picture for us - haha.

It's amazing how kids always have so much fun playing with other kids toys!  Future football player?  With his size, probably so!

Thursday morning we met friends at the movies for their dollar movie day to see Trolls!

Group shot!

Last summer, Matt and I made it a mission to try all of the limited edition oreos.  He brought these home to try, and they were surprisingly so good!

After naps, Matt took the kids over to his parents house to see them for a little while and to eat dinner.  Cooper was happy to help Pop cook!

While they were doing that, I went over to Emily's for our book club meeting.  Our 3rd book was "The 9th Life of Louis Drax".  Spoiler alert: I hated it.  And most of the group didn't like it, either.

Friday was a pretty chill day for us at home.  Matt didn't have a ton of work to do, so he worked from home.  I snuck out in the morning for a little while to go get a workout in at the gym.  While I was gone, Matt sent this pic of the kids.  They sat at the table and colored, and he sat at the table and worked.  It was perfect!

Did it!

We got Cooper up from his nap a little early so that we could head in to town.  Ben was in town for a few days, and Oma and Opa wanted to take all of the kids to see Cars 3.  On the way in to the theatre, we found another rock!

2nd movie in 2 days!  Here we go!

Om and Opa with their grandkids!

Sometimes, we get some pretty funky looking eggs.  This one was long and skinny!

After the kids went to bed, Matt and I had an "at home" date night - take out, a movie on the couch, and ice cream.  It doesn't get better than that!

Saturday we were up and at 'em early because we had a lot to do!  First up was Chik-Fil-A for breakfast.  Our local CFA had a Father's Day breakfast that we made reservations for.  We ate breakfast, and then they had an ice cream sundae bar (for breakfast!) with free ice cream for everyone.  YOLO, right?!

I am one of those moms that never sends my kids into the play area without me, but we got a table right at the window, so we let them go alone.  Monkeys in a zoo!

The pajama cow!

We were totally cool parents and let the kids have ice cream after their breakfast.  #momanddadoftheyear

We had fun, CFA!

On the way out, we found another rock!

This one was my favorite so far!

After we left CFA, we went to the YMCA for a birthday party.  On the way in, guess what?  Another rock!

Ice cream for breakfast and a swimming party with friends??  Perfect day.

Cooper is still loving him some Tess!

2nd piece of cake!!  #awesomemomforsure

I'm blessed with such amazing friends in my life - especially this one.

That parent life!  BTW - the countdown is on for Matt's braces to come off!  Hurry up, August 2!

The party crew!

Another rock from the gas station on the way home.  Ya'll - we are loving this rock game.

We spent some rainy day snuggle time in the big bed after naps.

Sunday was Father's Day.  We went to church in the morning, and then to the grocery store on the way home.  After naps, Matt worked on some pool stuff while the kids and I played (or relaxed) in the pool.  We had a fun day, but we took no pictures except this one!

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