Monday, September 30, 2013

Tybee Island - Ben's Birthday Party

After a morning spent at the beach, we came back to the house for lunch and naps.  While the kids napped, we decorated and got all ready for Ben's birthday party!  Laura did a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme for the party, and it was pretty easy to throw up some quick decorations with the stuff that she brought.

I think Ben is happy to have another boy around!  In a few years, I'm sure these two will get into some mischief!

Presents for the birthday boy!

This handsome boy is 4!!!

Cooper was fascinated with the streamers.  It was his mission to pull them all down!

He was so excited that he was making some pretty awesome faces - haha.

Ready to celebrate!

There was a Publix right before you get to the island, so Laura and Gino picked up a cake for Ben.

I love my sister!!  And LL's photo bomb...

Coop man was ready for some cake!

Present time!!

It was a fun party with just our small crew.  Up next: our after dinner trip to the beach!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Tybee Island - Day 2 Morning

**Warning: picture overload!  The next morning, we got up, ate breakfast, and headed down to the beach!  This was Cooper's FIRST time ever touching sand/being at the beach!

Totally in love.

I hung out with Cooper under the tent while the big kids got to play in the water.  There was literally no one at the beach and there were no waves.  It was perfect!

Coming up to check on Cooper.  Or get snacks.  Same thing.

Coop enjoyed playing eating sand and watching the big kids.

See all that sand around his mouth??  I swear this child ate so much of it!!  I was constantly fishing it out of his mouth.  There's no way it tasted good!  ???

Presh.  :)

Trying to get him to eat something other than sand.

I love that you can totally see him going after Daddy in this one.  :)

He LOVED being down at the water!

There were jellyfish everywhere!  And they were huge!!  But they didn't seem to have any tentacles??

There's a smile.  :)

I love this shot in Daddy's shadow.

Uncle Gino got some amazing shots of the big kids playing in the water!

Our set-up on the empty beach.

It was such a fun morning at the beach!!  Up next: Ben's birthday party!