Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Mini-Me

Most of the time I think LL looks exactly like her Daddy.  I do see bits and pieces of myself that peek through every once and a while.  The thing that I see myself most in?  Her personality!  As a baby, she had her Daddy's personality completely (laid back, never cried, go with the flow, EASY).  As a toddler, it has completely swapped to my personality (head strong, opinionated, stubborn, strong-willed).  While these personality traits are often tougher to parent to, I also don't think that they're necessarily "bad" to have.  They just require a differed parenting skill set to deal with them.  It also means that we have just learned that we have to pick our battles with her.  Want to carry your bow instead of wear it?  Okay.  Refusing to put on clothes because you "no like it"?  Not okay. 

I said all that to say this: I can really see myself in her lately!  I wanted to take a picture of her Sunday in her new church dress, but she wasn't too thrilled with that idea (SHOCKER!), so I tried taking the pictures with her to see if she would cooperate.  She did, and it actually turned out pretty funny.  It for sure shows that she is my mini-me!
                                         Our smiley faces.

Our kissy faces.

Our funny faces.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

My first plans for this week were to not do a WILW, but after all of this rain, I think I need to to perk up my spirits!

I'm loving my new car!!  (post to come about it on FRIDAY!)

I'm loving how many entries on are my GIVEAWAY right now - 39 so far!  Tomorrow is the last day to enter!  (Go here if you want to enter!)

I'm loving that, even though it's pouring outside, I'm still home on Spring Break.  After all, being home on a rainy day is better than being at work on a sunny day, right?  

I'm loving that I'm starting to get in the Easter spirit.  I've gotten a few things for LL's basket, but I'm really getting in the mood to get some more!

I'm loving how cuddly LL has been with me today.  We've been snuggling all morning!

I'm loving that I got to see my sister this past weekend.  It was hectic, I felt like we barely got to talk, but it still refreshed my soul to see her!

I'm loving that I've been on weight watchers for two days and can already see a small difference in my *ahem* mid section.

I'm loving that I only have 6 more weeks of school!  35 days!  Woo hoo!

I'm loving that we got some of our tax return money already.  :)

I'm loving that tomorrow is pay day for me!

I'm loving that I still have 4 more days off work!

What are YOU loving today??


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

Every year it is a tradition for me and my mom to dive to Macon and meet my sister there for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It used to be just a "girls only" day, but now that Laura and I both have kids, they come, too!  Since Ben is obviously a boy, our "girls only" rule is gone.  :)

This past Saturday was our annual trip.  It was supposed to (and did) rain in the afternoon, so we didn't get to spend as much time at the festival as I would have liked.  There were several things that I wanted to do that we didn't get the chance to do.  Other than that, it was a great trip and both LL and Ben did wonderfully! 

Here's a look into our day:

On the way up - LL playing in her activity book that Gigi brought.

Here's a REALLY funny story.  Gigi had given LL some crayons for her activity book.  About halfway to Macon we stopped at a rest area.  When we put LL back in her seat, she must have found one of the crayons from earlier, but we didn't realize it.  A few miles down the road she says "Look!  Doll face!" (that's what she calls a Smiley Face) and she had totally drawn ALLLL over the side of the door!  Here's the kicker: we were in my step-dad's Lincoln Navigator that he is SUPER picky about!  My mom asked LL if she had drawn the doll face for Poppy and she said yes.  We died because it was SOOO funny!  Especially the reactions that we got from Matt (over the phone) and Laura (in person).  Luckily, it came off with a wipe with no trouble.  :)

The morning that we left I told LL that she would be able to ride a pony at the festival.  So what is the first thing that she wanted to do?  Yep!  A pony!  Ben had never been on a horse before, so he wasn't so sure, but he stuck it out!

After the pony rides we headed over to watch a tiger show.  We didn't stay long because it wasn't very interesting and the kids really weren't that into it.

This year they had something completely new: camel rides!  LL was SO pumped about it.  She was fearless to ride this thing!  She was even fussing in line because it wasn't her turn.  I thought she might be nervous when I put her on and she left without me (the camel had two humps so only one person could ride at a time), but NOPE!  She did FANTASTIC!

Doesn't she look so small up there all by herself?!

What Ben did instead of the camel ride - haha.

My surprise of the day: she actually napped!  It wasn't long (about 45 minutes), but it was better than nothing!

Isn't this the most precious face??

What mom and I did while LL napped.  :)

After nap we decided to get a caricature done: one of me and LL, and one of Laura and Ben.  Other than messing up my teeth, Laura's chin, and Ben's mouth, the girl did really good!

This is when it started raining. We headed to the mall to get Ben something to eat before we all headed back home. They didn't have a playground in the mall, so what did LL and I do? We rode the escalators. About a hundred times! She absolutely loved it!

Then it was time to get everything packed up and head home.  It was most surely an exhausting day, but still a really great one!  Can't wait for next year!

The star of the show!

Isn't it CRAZY how much the kids have changed in a year??


Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Update!

Have you been absolutely depressed about the lack of updates on the garden?  I bet!  I'm just happy that it's still ALIVE and flourishing!  I really and truly do NOT have a green thumb.  At all.  My mom has to come to my house once a week to water all of my plants indoors to keep them alive.  I'm not joking.  She brings plants every spring to keep on my porch and every winter she takes the dead ones home and starts over.  I'm HORRIBLE at keeping plants alive!

Our garden was doing so well that we had to move it outside and into bigger pots!  We spent about an hour outside with LL one Sunday afternoon getting everything moved over.  She loved helping and now when ever someone comes over she wants to show them her watermelons!

Big helper!

Helping Daddy



Banana Peppers and Tomatoes


I'll post more updates when we start seeing exciting stuff happening!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway Clarification!

The GIVEAWAY post is right below!  Keep reading!

I just wanted to CLARIFY that if you want to enter the contest by "following" my blog - it doesn't just mean "Hey- I read your blog!"  You actually have to BECOME a follower!  The link is in my right sidebar.  ----->

Also, you have to actually "LIKE" the Facebook page by clicking the "LIKE" button! 

All of these things will be double checked to make sure that they are done correctly!



Giveaway for Lorelai's Closet!

Matt's mom, Becky, (also known as Grammy) is starting her own sewing business and I need your help kicking it off!  She has been making some SUPER adorable outfits for Lorelai lately!  I know that her business will have no problem being super successful.  But, as with most things, getting started is the hardest part!

Today I am introducing you to Becky's business - Lorelai's ClosetLorelai's Closet is custom boutique clothing at an affordable price!  Here are just a few things that Lorelai's Closet has to offer:

-Pillow Case dresses (my personal favorite)
-Bubble suits
-Fancy Dresses
-Swim-Suit cover ups
-Boy rompers
-and special occasion outfits

All of this and at a really affordable price.  You can check out the facebook page to see lots and lots of pictures of everything that she offers.  So would you like to win some free stuff to help us kick off this business?  Here's what you can win:

PRIZE #1 -
A pillow case dress of your choice for your little girl (like this - minus the applique and monogram)


A romper of your choice for your little boy (like this)


One applique shirt of your choice for a boy or a girl (like this)

A store credit for $15 off of a custom order of $25 or more that you place with Lorelai's closet!  This can be used for ANYTHING (of at least a $25 value) that you choose to buy!

There are several ways that you can enter. 

First entry:
"Like" the Lorelai's Closet page on Facebook. Then leave a comment on this blog and let me know. (for example: "I Like Lorelai's Closet on Facebook!")

Second entry:
Talk about this giveaway on your Facebook page and include a link to this post. Then leave a comment on this blog and let me know.  (for example: "I gave you a shout-out on Facebook!")

Third entry:
Talk about Lorelai's Closet on your Facebook page and include a link to the page.  Then leave a comment on this blog and let me know.  (for example:  "I gave Lorelai's Closet a shout-out on Facebook!")

Fourth entry:
Go to Lorelai's Closet on Facebook and check out all the pictures of what's available.  Tell me what your favorite is and what you'd like to win!  (for example:  "I like the Reindeer Bubble suit!  I'd love to win an appliqued shirt for my little one!")

Fifth entry:
Follow my blog!  If you already do, just let me know. (sample entry: "I'm a follower!")

Sixth entry:
Use your own blog and make a post about this giveaway with a link to my blog.  {for example:  I blogged! (then add your blog address)}

Entry Rules
•You must leave a separate comment for each entry.  This means, don't leave me one comment telling me that you did all six things.  If you enter six times, you need six different comments.  1 comment = 1 entry.  If you put them all in the same comment it counts as only 1!

•You do not have to enter all six times.  If you only want to enter once, only enter once.

•Your entry must meet the above requirements or it will be removed from the running

•The winner will be randomly selected at

•The winner will be picked and announced next Friday, April 1 (April Fool's Day!  But the winner will be for real - haha.)

•Once the winner is announced you will have one week to contact me or another winner will be chosen. If you'd like to leave your contact information with one of your entries, that's absolutely fine.

Thank you so much for helping us get Lorelai's Closet up and running!  Tell your friends and family all about it!  Good Luck!!

**winners need to allow 2-3 weeks to recieve their clothing item as all items are custom made (i.e. - there are no items "in stock" just waiting to ship).

Thursday, March 24, 2011


TOMORROW the big GIVEAWAY will be here!  If you have children or know someone who does, check back tomorrow at 1:00 pm to see what you can WIN!


New Obsession

Since we've weaned LL from the paci, she's needed something new to help her to sleep.  We thought she would just want her prit more (she calls her blanket a "prit"), but she's getting to where she really doesn't even care for those any more.  What does she want to sleep with?  Books!  No joke!  See for yourself!

She does this at nap time and a night time every day!  Does/did your child ever need a "weird" sleep prop?