Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Traditions

For our family, we have a few must-do things on our list for Christmas activities each year.  These are the things that we love doing and look forward to the most!

Baking Cookies

Our first must-do activity is a cookie baking day at Grammy and Pop's house!  Grammy used to have a cookie baking day with Matt and Bryan when they were little, and now we do it with Cooper and LL!

My two little bakers ready to go!

Cooper wanted green cookies, and LL picked red.

Cooper has participated before, but he's never put as much attention into it as he did this year.  Usually, he'll stay for a second, run off and play for a little while, and then come back to decorate.  This year, he stayed from start to finish!

I love this picture - sweet smile, flour all over him, and sprinkles everywhere.  It's perfect.

Cooper's finished product!

LL is a pro at making cookies!

She is much more detailed in her decorating than Cooper is.

Building Gingerbread Houses

A  tradition that we started when LL was about 3 is making gingerbread houses.  Thankfully, Sparkle (our elf) knows this, and she brings the house kits to the kids as a present!

This year, she brought Cooper and Elf themed kit.

LL got a Trolls themed kit!

We always split up into teams.  This year, I was partnered with Cooper.

And Daddy and LL worked together!

They both did a great job even if they ate as much candy as they put on the houses.  ;)

Jammy Cocoa Christmas

Another newer tradition for us is Jammy Cocoa Christmas!  This is where we all dress up in our pj's, go to Starbucks for a treat (yes - we go inside in our pj's!), and then ride around and look at Christmas lights!

Ready to go!

Here's a video of LL on the way to get our treats! 

At Starbucks ordering our treats!  (Don't you love Cooper's monster feet slippers??)

LL kept getting so mad because every time we tried to take a picture, Cooper jumped in.  #littlebrotherproblems


Cute picture of my boys!

Cooper picked out a rice krispie treat for his snack.

LL picked out a hot chocolate and a cake pop!

Cooper and I split a vanilla frappuccino (aka: vanilla milkshake)

Dark outside - check.  Everyone in the car - check.  Awesome muffin - check.  We're ready to go!

One of our favorite places to go is a local house that puts up tons of lights and then times them to music.  Since we got there so early, there was not a huge line (it gets packed!).  Here are three cute videos from the "song house" as the kids call it.
Video 2 - Cooper watching
Video 3 - LL's favorite part 

There's a neighborhood that we call the "Christmas card neighborhood" because all of the houses put up big wooden Christmas cards in their yard.  Most houses also do a lot of lights, too.  We love driving through and reading all of their cards.  

We have some friends that live in this neighborhood, and they offered to take us around in their "sleigh"!

It was so so fun and the kids absolutely loved it!  Here's a video of us riding around.

After riding around the neighborhood, we stayed at their house for a little while to visit.  They have two dogs (one wouldn't hold still for a pic), and the kids loved playing with them - especially Max who is as big as a horse to them!

As we were leaving their house, I took this video of LL.  She loved seeing the lights shine in her hair!

As a side note - these pj bottoms were what I wore last year!  Woah!  What a difference a year can make!

Jammy Cocoa Christmas
2015 vs. 2016

Here is a look back at some of our traditions from other years:
2015 - Jammy Cocoa Christmas
2015 - Baking cookies and making gingerbread houses
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2012 - Gingerbread houses with Ben (they are both SO LITTLE!)


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