Monday, March 13, 2017

February Randoms

Between birthdays, parties, Valentine's Day, the Father/Daughter Dance, and Winter Break, February was a busy month for us!  Here's all of the stuff that was going on that didn't make it into a post by itself:

I know she's mine, but this girl just tops the cuteness scale for me.

We went to DPK Live at church this month, and I always love getting to hang out with my Logan!

There is a small boy and a large dog in this tunnel.  :)

Casual days are my favorite, and we had a lot of them at work this month.  I'm loving my new baseball tshirt!

This boy knocks 'em dead at preschool!

Thumbs up in the drop-off line!

I had a teddy bear when I was growing up that I was obsessed with (named Teddy - original, I know).  I carried him and loved on him (honestly) until around the time Matt and I got married.  I passed him on to LL when she was born, but it hasn't been until the last 6 months or so that she has gotten just as attached to him as I used to be.  I absolutely love it.  She came home with this Bio-poem from school, and Teddy made the cut.

We came home from school/work one day this month and let the dogs in (they stay outside when we're not home), and noticed that Aspyn was bleading.  Upon closer inspection, Matt said it was pretty bad and needed stitches.  We bandaged it up the best we could (blood was literally getting everywhere) and Matt took her in to the vet.

Ace bandage and painters tape for the win.

Waiting for Dr. Mike.

She ended up having to stay over night and get stitched inside her muscle and on the outside of her paw.  Gah!

Photobombed by a lazy kitty.

Rocking his joggers!

When Aspyn came home, she had a cone of shame!!

This is seriously my favorite sweater ever.

Mrs. Kayla got a new puppy, and LL and I went over one afternoon to love on her!

LL had a fire drill at school one day, so she came home and taught Cooper what to do.  #safetyfirst

Matt and the kids started getting our garden ready!

Church bound.

I'm telling you guys - 37 is creeping up on this guy, but he has never looked better!

My boys!

Cooper found this tie in his closet and said that he wanted to dress up as Dr. Ken (his chiropractor), and he went to school looking like this!  It was seriously the cutest thing ever!

LL got a 1,000 piece puzzle for Christmas that we started on this month.

So many pieces!

The obsession with Moana is real in our house right now.  Cooper is all about everything Maui.

LL and Cooper both had some dress up days for Dr. Suess week.  LL loved wearing her sun hat for hat day!

Aspyn is rotten, cute, annoying, and sweet all at the same time.

Grammy took these pictures of Cooper and Pop doing vehicle maintenance one afternoon.  I love precious moments like these.

Have you guys tried Halo Top ice cream yet?  It's very low in sugar and high in protein and low in calories and amazing.  Kayla introduced it to us this month, and I won't talk about how much of it we've eaten.  I tried salted caramel and it is by far my favorite (along with mint chip)!

This giraffe has taken over my life!  And she still hasn't had that baby!!

That's a wrap for February!!


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