Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie again at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  Check her out to see what EVERYBODY is loving this week!

I'm loving that there are only 12 days of school left!  I feel like it is going to DRAG by, but at least there is an end at sight!  My kids are acting like 7th graders right now....and I do NOT like 7th graders!  By this time of the year, they are tired of me, and I feel the same about them!  :)

I'm loving that Grammy is back in town.  She had to leave suddenly last week because her step-dad died.  He's been in bad shape for awhile, so there is so much peace in knowing that he feels perfect now!  It also made me realize how much Grammy makes my life easier!  Plus, LL missed her a ton.  :)

I'm loving that we don't have a lot of plans this weekend.  We have been gogogogogo for so long and I think it will be really nice to settle down a bit. 

I'm loving that my birthday is Monday!  Woot!

I'm loving that Matt totally scored us an immediate upgrade with Verizon (we weren't due for one until December!) and that our iPhones will be here TODAY!  Yay!

What are YOU loving today??


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Hair Horror Story

Don't we all have one of these?  I have several!  I'm still currently living one out right now, though.  Here's my story.

I graduated from college in May of 2007.  Here's what my hair looked like then.

After I got back from a post-graduation cruise and before my big girl job, I wanted to get it cut like this.  New job, new house, new beginnings, new hair.  I even took this picture in with me to get my hair cut.

Except that I got this instead.  Ummmm, thanks.  Totally not the same.  The girl completely butchered my hair.  Not only was it way too short, but it was totally uneven and horrible.  I came home and cried.  And continued to cry about it every day for a couple of weeks, and then off and on for months.

I knew immediately that I just wanted to grow it out.  But it got worse.  It went through this horrible mullet stage.  Totally not cute.

Finally in October, it was long enough for someone to try and fix it.  This is what I got. 

Not bad!  But I was so turned off by the idea of short hair, that I wasn't satisified.

By December, I was starting to not hate it so much.

For the next 7 or 8 months, it just grew and stayed in this "not short but not anything else" style.  Finally in August of 2009, I got it *really* cut for one last time before I made my committment to really grown it out.  Here's what it looked like.

My friend Sarah had cut her hair for locks of love several times.  It really inspired me and I decided that since I didn't want it short anymore, anyway, I might as well have a goal to work towards.  So that's what I've been doing for the last 20 months - growing my hair out for locks of love.  Here's where I'm at.

This is by far the longest that I've ever had it.  It also looks waaaay cuter when I actually style it as opposed to just straightening.  But that's what you get on a Monday of CRCT week.  It's totally long enough for me to donate right now, but I'd have to cut it SUPER short.  Not gonna happen.  So I'm still going to continue to grow it out for awhile.  Plus, I actually think that hair this long looks pretty good on me, so I want to keep it around awhile.  I think I'm going to grow it out until the end of the year and then cut it.  I'm for sure having to fight the urge to cut it, though.  Especially with summer right around the corner!

Matt always says that he loved it short.  I just think that it's just because he never looked at it that closely.  When it was first cut, it was disgusting.  Which style is your favorite? 


Monday, April 25, 2011

First French Braid

The other night we were letting Lorelai watch Care Bears a little before bed (Yes, we're "those parents" who let our child watch TV!) and I was playing with LL's hair.  She is definitely her mother's child in that she loves for you to play with her hair or rub her.  She even asks for it often.  Her hair never looks as long as it really is because it's so curly.  I decided to try and french braid it.  It was for sure long enough!  I didn't braid it really tight {duh} and it was kind of falling out, but it was nice to know that it's an option for us when it comes to styling hair.  It was so cute!

 Don't you love my awesome "house clothes"?  :)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Like a Lion

Happy Easter, friends!  Such a wonderful day!  I love the idea of referring to Easter as Resurrection Day instead.  We sang this song at church this morning and it was SO perfect for Easter!  It's called "Like a Lion" by the David Crowder Band.  I really want you to watch this video, but I also want to give you a snippet of lyrics:

My God's not dead,
He's surely alive
He's living on the inside
Roaring like a lion!

How amazing is that?! 

Is Christ a lion roaring from within you?  If not, he should be!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bitty Tiny Milk

After playing in the hose, we decided to just go ahead and give LL a bath for the night.  Her bath is usually right before bed (about 7:05 ish), but this time it was only like 5:00.  Usually she gets her milk right after bath and before bed.  Even though it was early, she thought it was time for milk.  We kept telling her that it wasn't bed time, but she just kept asking. 

Do your kids have cute things that they say consistently?  Not just like once, but all the time?  LL does.  We've been really trying to cut back on her milk since her two year appointment.  Now when she asks for milk, she asks for a "bitty tiny milk".  I have no idea where that came from, but it is SUPER cute.  How can you not give it to her? 

I'm so glad we got it on video!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Know It's Getting Close to Summer....

...when you can put on your bathing suit and play outside in the water hose!  Last Sunday Gigi came over and we played outside with LL for awhile.  We try to sneak in as much outside time as we can because we need all the help that we can get in wearing out our little girl!  She has go SO much energy!  She also loves to be outside, so it's not really a hard task. 

After playing outside for a good little bit, I decided that we needed our first taste of summer!  I stripped her down and put on a swimsuit and got out the hose.  She loved it!  She cried about the swimsuit for a minute {shocker!}, but once the water was out she forgot all about it. 

We probably played with the hose for about 30 minutes.  If you give the hose to her, she totally knows what to do with it!  She'll play with it all cute and then say something to the effect of, "Mommy!  Help!" and then as soon as you walk over to her, she sprays you!  The stinker!  She really had a blast and it makes me really look forward to all the time we can spend outside together this summer!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This is the kind of crazy week where I for sure need to be focusing on the good in life, or I would lose my mind!

I'm loving that I only have  3 1/2 weeks of school left.  How awesome does that sound?

I'm loving that there is a chance that I might see my sister this weekend.

I'm loving that it's Easter!  I LOVE Easter and I'm excited to take LL to our big Easter egg hunt with our church on Saturday.  You should come!

I'm loving that Matt has such a packed week. Even though it causes a lot more stress on me (especially when it is CRCT week!) I would much rather it be this way than no work at all.  Work = money!

I'm loving that LL got some new shoes this past weekend.  They're mega cute and I can't wait for her to wear them!  I just hope her growing slows down - she's worse than a weed!

I'm loving that we got to spend some time with some of our oldest friends this weekend.  We had a blast, laughed our heads off, and just got to wind down from the week.  Just what we needed!

I'm loving that my birthday is in less than two weeks.  Not that I'm keeping track.  ;)

What are YOU loving this week??


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Emily over at The Journey of Parenthood awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award!  Woo Hoo!  It's rare that I ever win anything.  ;)  I thought, what the hey, I would just play along.  I have gotten several new readers her recently, and who doesn't love a chance to talk about themselves?  I mean, that's part of the reason we blog, right? 

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to and thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 stylish blogs you read.
4. Contact them and let them know you've given them the award.

So here we go!  I'm going to try to think up seven not-so-standard things about myself, so that even people who know me really well will interested.

1.  We have two dogs, Bono and Lola.  Lola in a miniature pinscher that we got about 6 months after we got married to satisfy my "baby itch."  I told Matt, "small dog or baby" and we brought Lola home that afternoon.  I'm totally not kidding!  Lola started out as a pretty normal puppy (other than the fact that she almost died when we brought her home because of not-so-fun-to-talk-about side effects of being in a pet store).  As the years go on, however, she becomes more and more crazy.  She tries to commit suicide about twice a year.  We used to pay mega $$$$ to try and save her from the attempts, but we've just kind of given up on those now that we have a kid.  Every time now we just tell her that she's on her own and we hope she makes it until morning!  I'm also convinced that she has a mental illness.  She's crazy.  Even Lorelai calls her "crazy Lola".  Spend about 5 minutes at my house and you'll see what I mean!  She's not "crazy haha", she's "crazy crazy".  Despite all this, we really do love her.  Alot.

2. I absolutely HATE my hair short!  I got it cut about 4 years ago, and the girl cut it about 6 inches shorter than what I wanted.  I absolutely hated it and used to cry about it all the time.  Since then, I've refused to have it short anymore and I've actually been growing it out for the past 20 months for Locks of Love.  It's the longest that I've ever had it as an adult and I'm really liking it right now. 

3. I'm an organization freak.  Especially at work.  I'm in the process of completely going through our entire office to re-organize it, de-clutter it, and get rid of a ton of junk (post to come!).  I always use a calendar (I usually have multiple calendars), and I'm crazy about things like that.  You would think that would mean that I would be a neat-freak about my house.  I'm not.  It's not a disaster zone or anything, but I wouldn't necessarily eat off of my floors.  :)

4. Matt and I started dating when I was a senior in high school.  I was 17 and he was  21!  He was a senior in college and took me to my senior prom (yeah, he caught some flack for that one!).  We got married 20 days after I turned 20.  Looking back, I totally realize how crazy young that was!  I don't regret it at all, but it still surprises me to think about.

5.  I have some really amazing friends.  I've been through some really rough patches with friendships over the past few years, but Got has really restored some old friendships and brought some new friendships into my life.  I'm so thankful for that, and I love all of my friends that I have right now very dearly.  I'm definitely not hurting like I was a few years ago!

6. I have a gap between my two front teeth that drives me crazy.  I hate it and feel like it is SO big, but most people I know say they don't really notice it.  I try and tell Matt all the time, it's like anorexic people - they're not fat, but look in the mirror and see that they're huge.  My gap isn't really that bad, but I look and the mirror and think that it's horrible.  I want to get it fixed one day.  But I've been saying that hardcore for about 4 years now.  So we'll see.

7. If something medically can go wrong, it'll happen to me.  I still have problems from getting my wisdom teeth out, and I got those removed 5 years ago.  Part of the nerves were damaged during surgery, and half of my tongue was numb/tingly for about 6 months.  I have the feeling back in it, but the entire right side of my bottom jaw feels like it's on fire if you touch it, and my tongue still tingles alot.  When I got my epidural, everything went smoothly and I never even lost all feeling in my legs during labor.  It was great.  But now I still get a tingly/ants on my back sensation in between my shoulder blades quite frequently.  It's very uncomfortable and I hate it.  I will do everything in my power to have a natural labor next time, because I'd hate to see what side effects I have from epidural #2!

Alright - here's who I tag:
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Thanks to Em for adding to my list of things to blog about!  ;)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Matt's 31st Birthday!

I know I really didn't blog must last week at all.  I was all caught up and now I'm behind again after taking only 3 days off!  :(  Last week and this week are my CRCT weeks at school, so it's mega stressful for me, and next week is packed full for Matt at work (both in town and out of town), which makes it even crazier for me, also.  I not complaining though - a packed week for Matt is a great thing!  Hopefully I'll be able to do more this week to stay caught up.

Last Saturday was Matt's 31st Birthday.  Wow!  That sounds so crazy to write!  He wanted to sleep in, so I got up with LL so he could do just that.  He didn't get to sleep in too much because he also had a golfing trip scheduled with his brother for that morning. 

When we got home from golfing, LL was taking a nap, so we just hung out at home.  We invited his parents over and he grilled some chicken and I made him a fantastic dinner of everything that he asked for. 

Grilled chicken.  Okay, so I totally didn't do this part.  Me?  Grill?  Nope.

The rest of this is all me!  Fried squash (just like his momma's!).  Squash and I are just starting to have a relationship- and let me tell you - this took it to another level!  I was skeptical, but it was ah-ma-zing! 

Paula Dean baked beans.  I mean, it's Paula Dean.  What more is there to say?

Matt's favorite - cream cheese pound cake!  It is so good! 

It was a pretty low-key day, but it was also full of stuff that he loved to do: sleep, golf, and eat - haha!  So I guess for him it was perfect!

I really do have such an amazing husband and I'm so proud to be his wife!  He is handsome, sweet, caring, funny, easy-going, goofy, and a wonderful father.  I really could not have asked for anyone better to spend my life with!  Here's to hoping that 31 is his best year ever (even though that is really old)!  :)