Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer - Week 2

In our second week of summer, we really started to hit our groove!  Here's what we were up to:

Monday was Memorial Day.  Matt had a fishing trip planned, so it was just me and these guys!  They requested muffins for breakfast - that is an easy breakfast I can handle!

Land that I Love!

Cooper had swim lessons this morning, and we made it (on time) in our patriotic wear!

Cooper got himself dressed, and I looked down at swim and saw that his shoes were on the wrong feet - so.  cute.  It's moments like this that remind me that he's still little!

Rocking out that starfish!  Here's a video of his awesome swimming this year!

Me and my babies!

Since Daddy was out of town and it was just us, we headed over to Grammy and Pop's house to spend the holiday with them!

The kids aren't picky when it comes to playing in the water - anything will do!

A watermelon boat!

Matt was spending his day on the water, too!

My sister had come down earlier in the weekend and went to Florida with my mom to see some family.  She stopped by to see us for a little bit on her way back to Atlanta.  We need to spend some hardcore time together ASAP!

I walked outside with Laura to see her off, and we heard the ice cream truck.  It was a mad scramble to find the kids and some money!  Living in the country, this is not something they really get to see.  They were so excited (as you can see in this video).  This was Cooper's first visit to the ice cream truck!

Batman ice cream!

My 34th book for the year - I'm done with it now and I loved it!  It was very good!

After naps, Cooper and Pop built this cool tent to play in!  Here's a video of Cooper telling me all about it.

Tuesday morning, Matt dropped LL off with Oma and Opa to spend the night and spend two days with Ben.  Cooper and I were solo at swim lessons!

Showing me his good starfish - haha.

After swim we went by the library.  I love me some hand holding with this boy!

One of his picks!

LL had fun hanging out with Ben!

That evening, Matt and Cooper spent some time outside picking things from the garden and playing.  Here's a video of Cooper swinging and "touching the sky".

Wednesday morning, Cooper and I had swim again.  Gigi came to watch, and after it was over, she took Cooper back to her house to swim some more and I headed to the gym.

During nap time, I laid out in the pool and read for about an hour - it was heaven!

After work, Matt picked up LL and came to Gigi's house.  We were supposed to have some friends over to swim.  They had to cancel, but we had fun anyway swimming and grilling out.

LL is super proud of herself because she's learned to do both a front and back flip in the water.  Here's a video of her front flip, and here's a video of her back flip.

He's a frog jumper!

The sass is strong with this one!

That night I started my 35th book for the year and our 3rd book club book - I was not a fan!

Thursday was a low-key at-home day (which we desperately needed).  I also woke up this day with a migraine, so I wasn't at the top of my mommy game.

Cooper had his monthly chiropractor appointment that afternoon, so he and I went (covered in stickers).

He always hides under the table while we wait for Dr. Ken.

Friday we left for our trip to Callaway Gardens.  You can read about it here.

We spent our day at Wild Animal Safari and swimming in the hotel pool.  You can read about it here.

We spent as much time at Callaway as we could before the rain hit.  Then, we had a "in room date night" at the hotel!  You can read about it here.

That's all for week 2 of summer!  If you missed our Week 1 recap, you can read about it here.


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