Monday, March 20, 2017

Bunny Hop 2017

Every year, Cooper's preschool does one huge fundraiser called the Bunny Hop.  This is our 4th time going, and the kids look forward to it every year!  This year, Cooper definitely paid attention to everyone talking about it at school, and he asked every day for weeks if it was time to go to the Bunny Hop.  He was excited on Saturday to say the least!

It was a pretty chilly morning, but it didn't slow the kids down any!

At first Cooper said that he didn't want to go near the bunny, but when LL told him she would go, too, he was suddenly braver!

This year was so nice - no one was potty training, no one had a broken ankle, and no one had just recovered from foot surgery.  It was so nice and relaxed!

The kids had a blast playing all of the games and then jumping/sliding on the inflateables.  Around 9:50, we went to the egg hunt area to get ready for the hunts.  The kids are in two different age groups, so Matt took LL and I stuck with Cooper.

Poor guy - the hunt just did not end up going his way.  Somehow, his bucket broke as soon as he ran out to get eggs (so I had to rush in and fix it).  Then, he decided he only wanted dark blue eggs, so he ran around looking for those (while the other 100 children just grabbed everything).  Ya'll - I am not kidding you when I say that he got ONE EGG.  Bless.  He was all tears.  Even his sweet friend Malaya just started putting eggs from her bucket to his because he was so upset (isn't that precious??).  We've got to have a long talk before our next egg hunt about just grabbing what you see!

Even though she's 8, this girl loves it!

She was a pro at grabbing eggs!

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