Thursday, March 2, 2017

Father/Daughter Dance 2017

One tradition that Matt and LL started when she was 4 years old was going to our town's annual Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance.  LL and Matt both truly love this tradition, and they both look forward to it so much.  LL literally talks about this night so much throughout the year.

Curling some curly hair - oh the irony.

Look at this beauty!!  She is just growing so quickly into such a great person.

Getting to wear a little lipstick for the first time.  :)

With her handsome Daddy!

She truly just adores her Daddy.  He hung the moon for her.

Her bracelet has special meaning, and she wears it every year.  When LL was born, Matt gave me a necklace with diamonds and a pearl as my "push present", and he also gave sweet, newborn LL this pearl bracelet.

This year, Matt and LL went to the dance with our friends Andre and Malaya (Cooper's bff and girlfriend).

Cooper had to get in a picture because this is his woman!  I kid you not, this is the exact conversation that happened between these two when we were leaving: 
Cooper - I love you!
Malaya - I just miss your cute little Cooper face!

Can you even??

Sweet girls!  We all just love Malaya - she is so sweet.

These boys are a mess.  If anything sums up their relationship perfectly - this picture is it.

The girls (well - LL) picked Red Lobster for dinner.

Last year, Gigi and I started a tradition with Cooper.  On the night of the dance, the three of us go out to dinner -- and we have to get dessert.  ;)

My handsome date for the night!

Huge dessert for the night!

LL showed Malaya how to get the lobsters to hold crayons.

Matt said that they danced from the minute they got there until the minute that they left.  They even made it up on to the big screen twice!

4 years of dance pictures!

I just love that they have this tradition and that LL is making such wonderful memories with her Daddy.  You can see their past dances here:
2014 (LL had a stomach virus in 2015 so they skipped a year)


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