Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer - Week 3

Our third week of summer was from June 5-11 and was full of fun!!  Here's what we were up to:

The majority of Monday was filled with driving back from our trip to Callaway Gardens, picking up the dogs, and getting settled in at home.  Matt and the kids went to check on the garden and look at how huge some of our zucchinis were!

Snuggles and handholding on the couch with Cooper was a great way to kick off Tuesday morning!  Where was LL?  Still sleeping!  After 8 years, she is finally starting to sleep in!!  And by "sleep in", I mean that she doesn't get up before 6 most days - haha.

Gigi came to swim lessons to watch Cooper, and she took the kids back to her house with her so that I could go to the gym.

Right after lunch, Cooper and Matt both had a haircut scheduled.  Cooper needed it badly!  Here's the before:

And the after!  So much better!

After Cooper's nap time, we went back to Gigi's for nap time.

That evening, Emily and I finally were able to go to dinner together to celebrate my birthday (that was in the beginning of May - haha).  Dinner at my favorite place with one of my favorite people did not disappoint!

On Wednesday, I mostly only took a picture of our food - haha.  Cooper had swim in the morning, and then we came home for a quiet day at the house.  The kids played, I did some cleaning and catching up on laundry, and we just enjoyed having no plans.

Lunch for the kids:

Lunch for me:

For dinner we just had a "clean out the refrigerator" night and I ate one of my favorites:

After dinner, we got early baths, found some snacks, and had a family movie night with the new Beauty and The Beast!

We kicked off Thursday morning guessed it!...Cooper's swim lesson.

When we were leaving, LL found (and caught) a gecko and took it outside for Mrs. Margie.

LL was happy - I was grossed out - haha.

After swim, we went to Emily's house for some swimming time (and lunch) with friends!

All the kids

All the moms

After naps, Matt started the process of setting up our new pool!

Gotta get it scrubbed out!


Friday was full of sunshine (finally!!) so Emily and Kori and I loaded up the kids and took them to the water park!  LL always loves the animals that they have out at the entrance, and she has been talking about wanting a bird for forever (not gonna happen!!!), so she was so excited to get to hold this one!

We got there before the water park opened, so the kids had some time to ride some rides as we walked in that direction.  I had to take a picture of these two holding hands without having to be told to do it.

Our group for the day! (minus Tess)

All of them walking ahead of us holding hands was absolutely precious.

We had 7 kids with us, and the most unlikely pairing that could have happened did - Cooper and Tess.  Cooper has always gravitated towards older children and never really cares for babies or kids a good bit smaller than him.  He's not mean to them, he just generally pretends that they don't exist (haha).  So I was so surprised when he was sweet and actually paid attention to Tess!

He would go down the slides and she would wait for him at the bottom.

The black bathing suit club.  ;)

Saturday ended up going a good bit differently than we had planned.  We had a party to go to that night, but we planned to spend the whole day at home cleaning and swimming in the pool for the first time.  Then, my mom was going to come over in the evening to put the kids to bed while we went out.  Well.  That changed a bunch!  While we were cleaning, Matt went to move the shower head in our bathroom (to clean it), and the entire pipe that goes into the wall broke off.  Ugh!

We ended up getting the kids ready and taking them to my moms so that Matt and I could go to Home Depot and get supplies to fix the shower.  This way, the kids could just play at mom's (since Matt and I would be busy with the shower) and she could just bring them home at bed time.  Not what we had planned on doing, but the kids sure weren't complaining!  After we dropped the kids off at Gigi's (and on the way to Home Depot), Matt and I stopped at the library for me to grab a book really quickly.  While we were there, we found some rocks!  Someone recently added me to a "Valdosta Rocks" page on facebook where people paint pretty rocks and hide them around town for people to find.  It was exciting to see some!  We just rehid them since we didn't have the kids with us.

If you have to go to Home Depot, you might as well get lunch from the (very random and very yummy) food truck that's outside!

The best slaw dogs in town!

Back to work!

While Cooper napped, Poppy taught LL about laying bricks or tile or something - haha.

After naps, the kids got pool time!

And it's fixed!  For $9 nonetheless!

Surprise party time!

We had such a fun night celebrating friends.  This is seriously the hardest I have laughed in so so long!

Sunday morning Matt and I both woke up not feeling great, so we decided to just have a down day at home.  Before lunch, we let the kids get into the pool (for seriously 5 minutes because it was cold and rainy) since we didn't get to break it in the day before.

I decided to take pictures instead of getting in.  Too cold for me!

It was only for about 5 minutes, but it was 5 minutes of fun!

I spent most of the day on the couch reading this.  I actually started it and finished it the same day.  If you haven't read this, I highly suggest doing so.  It was extremely good!

To end the week, I cooked a big dinner full of fresh summer vegetables: onions, mushrooms, corn on the cob, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers.  It was so good!

That's what we were up to in week three!  You can see the other weeks here:
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