Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap: Outside Edition

We ended up having a very fun, yet relaxed weekend.  We started out with not a lot of plans, and ended up with a lot of fun!  Here's what we were up to:
Friday afternoon, Matt took Cooper to get a haircut.  The last place that did it did not do a good job, so we scheduled him in with Angel who we knew would do great.  Double thumbs up for being a big boy (he's not a fan of haircuts)!

Matt said he did great!

All done and so handsome!

What did Matt bribe him with to do well at his haircut?  Swimming at Gigi's!

After school, LL and I met the boys at Gigi's and both kids got in their first swim of the season!

Both kids spent the night with Gigi to give Matt and I a much-needed date night.  Life has been pretty stressful for us lately, so we needed to chill time with no kids!  After swimming, Gigi took the kids to dinner at one of their favorite places - Waffle House.  #theyresofancy

Matt and I enjoyed dinner with friends at Red Lobster, some retail therapy, and then ice cream from DQ!

Saturday morning, we were up and at Gigi's pretty early to get the kids.  Matt took the kids home, and I stayed in town for lunch and some shopping with Emily.  We got a new water heater this weeks (so fun) (except not), and Matt saved the big box for the kids.  When he got home with them, he busted it out and they laid inside and watched a movie.

After naps, we decided that all of us needed some Vitamin D, so we loaded up the truck to go fishing and have a cookout!

This is Daddy's happy place.

Both kids are pretty much big enough to fish on their own (with supervision), so it was pretty low key for me and Matt.

Sunshine with my favorite people!

I got in some (quick) snuggles with my favorite boy while Daddy got his fishing pole ready.

Two kids living the dream!

LL is a rockstar and caught the first fish!  AND picked it up for a picture!

Then she was an even bigger rockstar and got the second fish!  Of course Cooper walked through take 1...

...and take 2 just made me laugh.

Don't ask me what that is, but the second fish was a little yucky.  It didn't stop LL from getting a picture with it, though!

My view: sunshine, my kindle, and a view of my kids and the pond.

Fishing only occupies kids for so long (shocker!).  They were both happy to come see me on the blanket for a little while.

My best girl!

Life is good with these two.

LL found me a flower.

Around dinner time, friends showed up for a campfire, dinner, and more fishing!  The boys were masters with the hotdogs.

We tried to get Susanna in the picture with us, but she was not having it.

Cooper finally got a fish, but was not going to touch it.

Big fish!

Susanna's cheese is just the cutest thing ever!

Cooper got another fish!  (and again refused to touch it - haha)

Trying to get in some momma talk, watch 4 kids, and dole out food - exhausting but fun!

These two are just the cutest things ever!

Andrew brought a big jar of minnows that the kids enjoyed playing with.

When we got back from fishing, our neighbors were having a cookout, so we went to hang out for a little while.  Man it makes me long for the days of summer!  All the kids played outside, the weather was nice, and we didn't worry about bed time.  Summer, get here quick!

Little Beez is everyone's favorite!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for church!

After church, we let the kids play outside on the church's new playground for a little while before heading home.  For lunch, Matt and I made a super quick and super yummy guacamole - some salsa mixed with fresh diced avocado.

For dinner, we had organic venison burgers - just chopped up for the kids and with sauteed mushrooms and onions for me and Matt.  We also had fresh corn on the cob which was soooo sweet and yummy.

Emily introduced me to these greek yogurt bars (with only 100 calories), so I got some at the grocery store to try - they were very delicious and a do-again for sure!

I kicked off my 26th book for the year!

That's a wrap on our weekend!  3 more weeks of school - we can do this!


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