Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wrapping Up the School Year

The end of the school year is always one of my favorite times of the year.  While I love teaching, and I love my school babies - there is just nothing better than an either summer with my own children stretching before me.  Summer still holds the magic for me that it did as a kid!  

Every year, both kids have end of the year activities, and I'm (thankfully) usually in a place where I can be at at least one (if not both) of their class activities.

When I took LL's last day pics this year and compared them with her first day, it shocked me how much she has changed.  I honestly didn't expect to see much of a difference in her, but boy was I wrong!

LL did have an end-of-the-year party that I had planned to go to, but then she got the flu the last week of school and had to miss her party!  Thankfully, she was able to go two days that week to do some fun things and say goodbye to everyone.

We have been so blessed that LL has gotten three amazing teachers for her years in public school.  They haven't just been good - they have been outstanding.  This year, her teacher awarded her the Almond Joy award for always being such a joy in class.  That sure makes my momma heart proud!

LL also ended the year with all A averages!  And she worked for them!

Last day with Mrs. Bryan, 2nd grade, and Primary School.  Next year she will be right across the street from me at the Elementary School!

This little man has had a great year.  It hasn't been without it's struggles, but he has grown and matured so much in his class.  He started the year only scribbling when he colored - now he colors neatly and can even write his name.  We are so proud of him and the work he's made this year!

He is just losing any little remains of the baby that he started the school year with!

Cooper had his last day class party on one of my post-planning days.  I took the morning off and went to his pool day with him.

Ready to get in the water!

Cooper's amazing teachers this year - Miss Jennifer and Miss Cheyenne.

The best thing to happen to Cooper in preschool?  Malaya!

At the end of the year party, they always celebrate the summer birthdays.  Cooper was so excited to see his picture on the cake!

The summer birthday club.

It was so sweet - when they cut the cake, they brought Cooper the piece that had his picture on it.  He was very excited to eat himself - haha.  #boys

Cooper's Pre-K 3 Class!

That is a wrap for pre-k 3 and 2nd grade!  Hello, summer!!


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