Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Recap: Kid's Dig It Edition

After having a relaxing weekend last weekend, we had a little more plans this weekend.  Here's what we were up to!


Friday I had a training day at school.  So while I worked, I wasn't actually in my classroom.  My training got out a little early, so I met LL getting off the bus, and we headed to Grammy and Pop's for the evening!  Hunting season is in, so Matt will be busy for most Friday nights (it's the time that he goes hunting that works best for our family).  When hunting season is in, we try to fill our Friday nights with some fun things to do!  We hung out with Grammy and Pop until bed time when we came home.


Saturday was the day that our town does their annual "Kid's Dig It" with the local 4H!  It's our third year to go, and Cooper had really been looking forward to it (they had been talking about it at school).  Since Ben and Laura are in town, they came with us!

We've gotten smart in the last few years and realized that we need to go to the ride-on diggers first as those lines fill up fast and take quite a while!  Cooper loved watching the tractors drive around while we waited for his turn!

LL isn't as "into it" as Cooper is, but she still has a good time!

LL's turn to ride around.

Cooper's turn!

They have a big hose hanging from one of the diggers that the kids can use for a swing.  Favorite part of the morning?  Probably.

We walked around for a little while and climbed in lots of the tractors!

It was fun having Aunt Laura and Ben with us this year!

My people!

They were a little unsure of this one!

My three favorite kids in the whole world!

The GBI had a big tank there, and they were showing the kids how to use their bomb robot.  The robot came towards us and scared the mess out of Cooper when it got close - haha.  When your 47 lb 4 year old tells you to pick him up - you do!

We had fun at Kid's Dig It, but I do think that next year will be our last year.  It's something that's fun, but I feel like it's also something that is easy for kids to out grow?  In fact, next year we'll probably let LL go play at a grandparent's house and just take Cooper.  I can see us only doing it one more year.  But we did have a good time!

Sunday morning we were happy that we were all feeling better, and on our way to church!

We had a great morning at church.  We filled the rest of our day with the grocery store, cleaning, working out, and lots of homework (LL had a lot to catch up on from missing two days last week - post to come!).  It was a fun weekend, and we are all looking forward to a much better week this week!

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