Friday, February 19, 2016

LL's 7th Year

LL turned 7 at the beginning of February.  Here's a look back at her 7th year!


LL turned 6!

Since we did Disney World instead of a friend party, we went to dinner at a pizza place with her family on her actual birthday.


She had a blast at our annual trip to the Azalea Festival.

She celebrated Dr. Seuss day at school!

We bought chickens and LL was in love with them!

She helped Grammy and Pop plant their garden.

She had a blast staying with Gigi while Matt and I were in Tucson!


We had fun celebrating Easter.

She had a blast getting to see Mr. Andrew's airplane.

We took a girl's trip to Atlanta and had a blast.

She had her Kindergarten program at school.


I went to LL's school to celebrate Mother's Day with her.

Daddy went with her and her class on a field trip to Rutland Farms.

She participated in a cheer camp at school.

She kicked off summer with a bang!


She rocked out her 6 year old pictures.

She went on her annual summer vacation with Grammy and Pop.

She got to see the ice cream truck for the first time!

She also got her face painted for the first time at a birthday party.


She had a blast at our annual fire-station visit.

She loved celebrating the 4th of July.

She absolutely loved our family trip to the beach.

We fit in some movie time during the summer.

She liked our visit to the peach shed for some local ice cream.

She enjoyed going to Atlanta to go to the aquarium.

And the zoo!

She got her back-to-school hair cut.


She had open house for 1st grade.

She started 1st grade!!

 She started the school year with a bang!


She enjoyed our Saturday at Kid's Dig It.

She had dress up days at school.

I surprised her at school with a lunch date!


She loved the Honey Bee Festival.

She had a blast shadowing our vet for a morning over Fall Break!

She did a great job picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

She rocked out our Christmas card photo session.

 She was the cutest vet ever at Halloween!


She loved going to the Air Show with Mrs. Kayla and Mr. Andrew.

She got her first Book-It pizza!

She got some alone time with Daddy when he took her hunting.

She helped us pick out the perfect Christmas tree!

She had fun on her field trip to get her class Christmas tree.


She went to the see The Nutcracker for the first time with Grammy - and absolutely loved it!

She got an award at school for being an awesome kid!

She got an early start on Christmas break with the flu.  Boo.

She went on another girl's trip to Atlanta with Mommy and Gigi to see Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben before Christmas.

We packed our Christmas break full of lots of fun Christmas stuff!

She had an amazing Christmas!


We kicked off the year with a trip to Disney!

She was so excited to meet a Joey at school!

She got all dressed up as an old lady for her 100th day of school!

She really did have a super great year.  I can't wait to see how much she will grow, learn, and have fun this next year!


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