Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap: Broken Ankle Edition

Well - we didn't think this weekend was going to have much in store for us but boy were we wrong!

Friday kicked off with picture day at school for Cooper.  Daddy did a great job making sure Cooper looked extra handsome!

Friday night, Matt and I went back up to the school with LL because she had a small part in a program that was happening.  Several kids from her class and another 1st grade class were singing and dancing to two cute songs.

The first song was a really cute one called the "Super Fun Shuffle".  Let me just tell you -  I have no idea where this girl got these dance moves from, but 1 - I've never seen them before, and 2 - they were amazing.  You can see a video of it HERE.  The second song they did was one that LL had done before in preschool.  It's called the "Tootie Tah" and is also super cute.  You can see a video of it HERE.

Probably the funniest part to me was after the first song, when LL was leaving the stage, she looked at one of the girls that I teach with that was sitting on the front row, and said very loudly, "Where's my mom and dad??".  She couldn't see us because of the bright lights.  It cracked me up!

You won't ever find these girls far apart!

In a very strange turn of events, Matt got very sick on the way home from LL's program.  He's not much of a stomach virus person, but this hit him fast and hard.  I slept on the couch Friday night to try and prevent myself from getting it, too.  If there is a stomach virus around, it will find me.  The kids and I all didn't sleep great, so we did lots of cuddling Saturday morning.  We rented The Good Dinosaur and the kids were very into it!

Saturday night, Matt and I had a date night planned!  We haven't been on one in a while, so we asked my mom to come watch the kids so we could go out for a few hours.  

When we left, the kids were outside playing with Gigi.  When we got about 5 miles down the road, we got a call from Gigi telling us that we might need to turn around.  LL was jumping on the trampoline with one leg up to her chest and one leg down.  When she landed, her right ankle gave out and she and Gigi both heard a loud "pop!".  By the time we made it back home (after just a few minutes), it was already swollen pretty bad.

Because LL didn't seem to be in a lot of pain and there wasn't a ton of bruising, we decided to just RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) it and see how it was the next day.

On Sunday morning, the swelling had gone down, but LL refused to put any pressure on it, so we decided to take her to the walk-in clinic.  The clinic we went to usually does x-rays, but the don't do them on the weekend.  The PA we saw said she really would feel more comfortable with an x-ray, so she told us to continue what we were doing (and to keep her off of it), and to come back in the next morning for an x-ray.

I stayed home today so that I could take LL to the doctor.  I was really praying it was just a sprain, but I wanted to be there just in case it wasn't.  We got the x-ray first thing this morning, and we waited about 45 minutes to get the results.  The verdict was: it is broken.  She has a small break in her growth plate in her ankle.  Since the break is in her growth plate, the PA felt better sending us to an orthopedist.  We did more x-rays at the orthopedist to confirm the break (yep - it was still there), and then they fit her for a walking boot.

Other than sleeping and bathing, LL will be wearing the boot at all times.  No PE, no running, no jumping, no sliding, no playground.  We go back in 10 days to do more x-rays and to check on how the break is doing.  Hopefully, if the x-rays look fine, she'll have to wear it for 10 more days after that and then will be done.

We'll be praying a lot over the next 10 days for this to heal how it's supposed to!  One thing is for sure - this girl is one tough cookie!


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