Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter Break Fun

Last week, my school (and LL's school) had the whole week off for Winter Break.  A few years ago, my system went to a shorter school year (but slightly longer days), and extra breaks like this during the school year is one of the perks of that.  During last year's Winter Break, I kicked off potty training with Cooper.  This year, we were happy to have that task behind us!  Cooper was out of school on Monday, but he still had school on Wednesday and Friday.  During the break, we tried to fit in as many fun things as we could!

Monday we met some friends at Chik-Fil-A for playing and lunch!  Trying to take a picture of 6 kids is  not the easiest task - haha.

Later in the week we went out to Mr. Clint's farm to grill out and do some fishing!

My kids are trying to work up the nerve to grab some small fish out of this bucket!

She finally did it!

Nothing was really biting (it was very windy!) but we tried.

The kids and I took advantage of the beautiful weather one afternoon after naps and played outside for quite a while!

LL got some one-on-one time with Grammy and Pop and she got Waffle House for breakfast!

She also spent some time with Meemee and learned how to make floral arrangements.

We all went to Ray's Mill Pond for dinner one evening (also when Cooper got stuck in his chair in the restaurant and we almost had to take it apart to get him out.  Fun.).  Even though we never see any, the kids always love to go see if we can spot an alligator!

After talking about it for almost 2 years, Matt finally built us a fire pit!

Saturday had beautiful weather, so we met quite a few friends at the park for playing and a picnic!

Saturday afternoon LL and I went to a gymnastics birthday party for her best friend, Madeline.

While we were at the gymnastics party, the boys got started on the plot for our garden!

It was a much needed break from school and all of us had a blast!  Now the countdown to Spring Break is on! ;)


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