Monday, February 22, 2016

LL's 7-Year-Old Well-Check

After LL's birthday, we had another week of school.  Then, we got a whole week off for Winter Break.  I scheduled her well-check during our break so that neither of us would have to miss school to go.  Last year, I missed her well-check (first one ever!) and Daddy took her.  This year, Daddy stayed home with Cooper while I took her for her check-up.  Overall, she did great.  She was very nervous that they were going to prick her finger to check her blood (we knew there were no shots this year), so once she found out they weren't' going to, she did fantastic!

Here's what happened at her visit:

Weight: 52 1/2 lbs  - 60% (+ 6 1/2lbs from last year)
Height: 48 3/4" - 65% (+ 2 1/2" from last year)
BMI: They didn't tell me about this this year.

We saw a new doctor at the practice this year.  She was nice, and I wouldn't mind seeing her again.  I did feel like we didn't do much at this appointment?  But I'm guessing that as they get older that there isn't as much to do?

(nervous before her appointment began)

-She asked me all the usual questions about sitting in a booster, spending time outside, sunscreen, limited screen time, eating habits, etc.  Everything she asked about was fine.

-She did say that LL is an extremely proportional child (as you can see by the percentages of her weight and height).

-I told her that LL does tell us that her tummy hurts a lot, and that we've been working at her telling the difference between hungry hurt, bathroom hurt, nervous hurt, sick hurt, etc.  She didn't seem concerned.

-She looked in her ears, throat, eyes, and pressed on her tummy.

-She looked at her strawberry and said it was doing well.

(not nervous now that she knows she doesn't have to get her finger pricked!)

We schedule her next well-check appointment, and we (hopefully) won't be back until next year!  We are so blessed with a happy, healthy, growing girl!  We definitely don't take it for granted!


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