Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Christmas Break Fun

Over Christmas break, we tried to fit in as much fun stuff as we could!  Instead of trying to do lots of little posts about what we did, I decided to just combine everything into one "Christmas Break" post.  Here's what we did with our time off from school:

Matt was supposed to go to Cooper's Christmas party at school, but he ended up having to stay home with LL when she had the flu.  Thankfully, Grammy and Pop were able to take his place at the party!

I am not shocked that the donuts were his favorite part.  #that'smyboy

He loves his class and his friends!

Feeling better and ready for the beautiful weather!

I just love this.

This is the first year that anyone in our family has had a blow-up decoration in their yard.  This one was at Grammy and Pop's and both kids absolutely loved it.

One thing we always have to fit in before Christmas: making cookies at Grammy and Pop's!

Cooper was very into it this year!

LL is a pro at making cookies!  She takes it so seriously and makes some pretty awesome cookies!

Sprinkle time!

Just a few days before Christmas, Sparkle showed up with some gingerbread houses for the kids!

We did a boys vs. girls on the decorating!

I'm pretty sure Cooper did equal parts eating and decorating.

LL was very serious and planned in how she decorated her house!

Cooper's finished product!

Lorelai's finished product!

We had so much fun over break - it got us all geared up for Christmas day!


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