Thursday, February 18, 2016

LL at 7 Years Old

Now that my sweet girl is 7 years old (!!!), here's a look at who she is:

-She loves loves loves animals.  Anything to do with them or taking care of them, and she is all in.  If it were up to her, we would have a million pets!

-She runs either hot or cold - there's not much in between.  She is either happy or upset.  When things are good, they are very good, but when they're bad, they're also very bad - haha.  But on the plus side, she's pretty easy to read and you can quickly figure out what you're going to get!

-She loving school and doing great in 1st grade.  She has had all straight A's on her midterms and report cards so far.  She loves her teacher, her friends, and is generally without complaint with anything with school.  The only thing she does not love is her spelling words each week.  She has 10 words plus a bonus word each week and it is like pulling teeth to study those with her!  Because of that, I dread them as much as she does - haha.  Thankfully, she usually does fantastic on her Friday spelling tests despite not wanting to study all week!

-She is a worrier.  If there's something for her to stress about, she will do it.  She is also scared of a lot - even things that she doesn't need to be scared about.  We're working on it (and praying a lot about it), and I'm hoping this will be a phase that just passes with time.

-She is an outside girl.  She absolutely loves to be outside and would stay outside all the time if we would let her.  She has no issues with getting dirty, playing with bugs, and chasing animals.  She is an outdoor girl for sure!

-She has a hot/cold relationship with Cooper.  She has days where she is just the best big sister and is so super sweet to him, and then she has days where she lives to just annoy the mess out of him.  But like all siblings, I'm sure this is par for the course!

-She is just the best part of of our family and makes our world go round.  She is silly and sweet, independent, a snuggler, a Momma's girl (for right now), and just so so happy. 

Always keep that sparkle, baby girl!


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