Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2015 Recap

2015 was a great year for our family!  It was truly a year that I was sad to see it go.  We're looking ahead and are excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.  Here's a look back at our 2015:

We had a fun filled month to kick off the year!  We went to Disney for Cooper's first visit and LL's 6th birthday, we spent time with friends and family, and we had just a small bout of sickness.

February was a month full of milestones!  LL lost her second tooth, she turned 6 years old, and Cooper started potty training!  With warm weather coming in here and there, we tried to fit in as much play time outside as possible.

March was full of fun!!  Matt and I went on a trip to Tucson, AZ that he won through work!  We also partied with friends, I had some girl time, Ben came to visit, we got our chickens, and we had our annual trip to the Azalea Festival.

We kicked off April with celebrating Easter.  LL and I took a girls trip to Atlanta during Spring break.  Cooper helped us do some yard work, we went to see my childhood home, packed as much fun into spring break as we could, went to see Andrew's plane, and LL had her kindergarten performance!

May was the kick-off to summer!  LL did a cheer camp with school and went on a field trip.  She finished her first year of "real" school, Matt and I celebrated 11 years of being married,  Matt and I went on a fishing trip to the beach, and the kids and I hung out with friends and kicked off summer with some swimming!

Summer was in full-swing!  We did our annual family pictures,  Cooper started swim lessons, Ben came to visit, LL went on vacation with Grammy and Pop, we took Cooper to pick black berries, Cooper turned 3, LL went to the beach with Oma and Opa, and she got to see the ice cream truck for the first time!

In July, we tried to pack in as much fun as we could before summer started to wind down.  We went with all of our friends to the fire station, we took a family trip to the beach, we had more swim time with friends, we went on vacation to Atlanta to visit the zoo and the aquarium, we celebrated the 4th, and we had a trip to the local peach shed!

August was big for one reason: school!  LL started 1st grade and Cooper started 2.5 preschool!  We also celebrated Ben's 6th birthday, had friends over for dinner, and had a family movie night.  We also tried to spend as much time outside as we could!

September was a little more laid back.  I had to wear a boot for two weeks because of a fractured bone, I surprised LL at school for lunch, Cooper had a dump-truck come visit his school, LL had fun dress-up days, we went as a family to Kids Dig It, and I had a fun girls trip to Disney!

Fall was officially here!  We had a month full of birthday parties, Cooper had his first visit to the dentist, LL shadowed our vet for a few hours, we enjoyed Fall Break, Cooper and Daddy went to the Expo, we went to the Honey Bee Festival, I went to see Taylor Swift with friends, we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, and we had lots of Halloween fun!

November was another full month!  Daddy took both kids hunting, we went to the Air Show at Moody, we fit in a lot of fun (and movies!) during Thanksgiving break, Daddy went to Cooper's first Thanksgiving Feast, I had some more girl time with friends, LL went on a field trip, we celebrated Thanksgiving at Oma and Opa's with friends and family, and we went to get our Christmas tree!

We finished out the year with as much fun as we could!  Cooper had his first Christmas program, LL got the flu (boo), both kids got to see Santa at school, LL got an award at school, LL and I took another girls trip to Atlanta with Gigi, we hung out with as many friends as possible, LL got to go see the Nutcracker with Grammy, and we had a blast celebrating Christmas!

That is officially a wrap for 2015!  You can see my other "year in review" posts here:


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